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What not to forget to take over the apartment

Disputes over who scratched the floor and smashed sink, belongs to the unpleasant atmosphere of passing a rented apartment back to the lessor. To avoid them, it is necessary to take a number of steps already when you assume a flat going into it just to move. The basis is a good transfer protocol.

The first prerequisite of a successful takeover rental flat is of course valid lease contract.

"If it conclude before the takeover apartment is required in the contract date of submission of the apartment pinpoint, to cast doubt on when the tenant to move into an apartment right," says Luke Green, head of the legal department Dtest.
Also, make sure that it will be passed by authorized personnel. Often that apartment tenants passes to use someone who is not the owner and not to have any credentials or consent.

Before you sign the acceptance protocol, you should be thoroughly explore and learn about his condition, equipment and operation of the present device. If you find any defects that prevent the proper use of an apartment, it needs these defects always complain to the landlord, preferably right in the handover protocol. As evidence of the existence of defects can serve, for example, taken photographs.

It should also become familiar with the state of the common areas in the house. The lease agreement should therefore include a description of the common parts of the building in which the tenant should have access (for example, laundry, drying room, bicycles, garden). The landlord should give you also show you where they are located closures gas, water and electricity switches. Where, in a residential building house rules, you should know before taking over the apartment.

"The landlord should also be writing to the future users of the apartment on the potential risks associated with the use of furnishings and the obligation to carry out regular maintenance and any mandatory controls furnishings. Recommendation applies here: the more detail the better. Tenant and landlord to avoid future disputes over the possible failure or even damage caused, "suggests Luke Green.

The takeover of the apartment should always be confirmed by a written handover protocol. What basic information should contain?
Designation of parties and their representatives. Statement by the landlord that the apartment gives the tenants to use, and a statement of the tenant, the apartment receives into use.
A list and description of furnishings, which the lessee is entitled to use together with the flat.
Description of the apartment, discovered defects (eg. Inoperable electric oven) and damage (eg. Cracked basin).
The list and the number of transmitted keys to the apartment and common areas in the house.
Condition, serial number and location of measuring equipment for the reading of abstracted water, heat, gas and electricity, if the apartment is equipped with such devices.
List of documentation supplied to the tenants of the apartment along with equipment (eg. Instruction manual gas boiler or electrical appliances).

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