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Wild about orgasmic headache? Do not take this lightly!

"Not tonight, dear, I have a headache." This sentence is not just a hoary old excuse women. This difficulty also know those who indulge in amorous pleasures to the full. In addition, headache affects men three times more often than women!

According to the British International Society for headaches (International Headache Society) has with this problem some experience up to 98% of the population. Altogether there are about 360 different kinds of headaches. One of the categories is just pain linked to sexual activity (ie. Coital headache).

Definitely not to underestimate!

This is a problem arising during sex, usually at the escalation of excitement before orgasm and also after it. International Society for headache speaks about two types of these difficulties. One develops gradually like a dull headache deteriorating with increasing sexual arousal. The second type usually comes suddenly, violently along with orgasm. Usually it is a pain not serious, it would be a mistake to downplay them. It may in fact include other, far more important issues that must be eliminated - it is necessary not to underestimate these states and seek medical attention. What is to be feared? Bleeding in the brain, brain tumor, brain inflammation, a serious disease of the cervical spine.

Critical Age

In the largest study, conducted at the German University of Munster, the researchers found that headaches linked to sex usually lasted several weeks and then spontaneously resolved. Many patients have no more then ever experienced similar hardships. Still, experts noted the case of a man who suffered nearly 200 such attacks. Scientists also came to the conclusion that these pains are suffering mostly men aged 20-25 years and then between 35 and 45 years.
The cause is still a mystery

At present, yet knows exactly why these pains occur. But likely to be triggered by adrenaline, which washes into the bloodstream during intense physical activity, thus also during sexual intercourse.

Help exists

If you are affected by this problem, it does not mean that you should do away with lovemaking. There are drugs that act on these problems very effectively. To help patients such as medication from the group of beta-blockers, most drugs used in cardiology (e.g. blood pressure lowering). Another option is to belong to nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs such as indomethacin. An alternative solution can be According to experts, as well as less strenuous position during intercourse.

This area is still not sufficiently explored and will be needed for a number of studies that will answer a lot of questions - including why someone gets only one attack of pain in your life and someone accompanies these issues for many years. But it is important that we currently have available effective treatment.

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