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Dan Barta & Illustratosphere celebrate 15 years of co-creation of the autumn tour

Dan Barta & Illustratosphere celebrate 15 years of co-creation of the autumn tour Autumn tour with pertinent named FIRST FIFTÝN 2015 is a celebration of fifteen years of cooperation exceptional musicians. Favorite singer, accompanied by his band ILLUSTRATOSPHERE during an extensive tour will delight fans of the Czech and Slovak Republics. The highlight of the autumn series is a concert on December 13 at Archa Theatre, during which will be introduced new video and the band will perform together with other interesting guests.

The tour is a celebration of fifteen years of collaboration Dan Barta & Illustratosphere. The first part of the musical experience in bringing Dan and his group will take place in the Slovak Republic, everything will start 30th September Bratislava concert. Gradually, the group looks to have 8 other Slovak cities. Domestic series of performances will kick off on November 24 with a concert in Beroun and also includes Rokycany, Strakonice, happiness, Klatovy, Frydek-Mistek, Brno, Big Týnec, Pribram, Prague, Zdar nad Sazavou, Chrudim, Cologne and Karlovy Vary.

Acclaimed and award-winning singer, accompanied by an equally acclaimed musicians (Filip Jelinek - keyboards and arrangements, Robert Balzar - double bass and bass, rate Chyška - guitar and Jiří Slavíček - drums) at several performances plays, in addition to songs from the album Maratonika, many popular songs of older boards. "In short, what else than the cross section of the formation to celebrate fifteen year old," says Barta.

Fifteen years of not very short time. As it together musicians endured a number of years? "Fifteen years is fifteen years, during which time you will learn to watch each other well enough to be able to filter out small Naser and podkuřovat small pleasures. And after all, work is what we and the people who come to us, unites, so there is still good, "the singer says with a smile.

Staged by five musicians will bring a unique musical experience. "It will be good to be on the line, such an intense business trip. Nothing but songs, music and recitations basically resolved. The boys of techniques are in place, fellow countryman is not exhausted administrative or distracting běžnodennostmi. I prefer to do in blocks, spacetime is like decanted into a mimosa and timelessness, fellow countryman then better focus. A concentrated, that it performs !, "says Barta.

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