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Ruthless. Jean Reno is back in action.

Ruthless. Jean Reno is back in action. Jean Reno returns to the big screen in his favorite role - as a rough cop of the old school, with a distinctive sense of justice and humor. The other roles will perform one of the "Bond girl" Caterina Murino (Casino Royale) and Thierry Neuvic (Life after Life). The film is loosely based on the famous British series Inspector Regan (The Sweeney, 1975).


Serge Buren (Jean Reno) is a legendary cop nightmare of all criminals. He and his police team of young colleagues profess little unusual investigative procedures.

Among the proven and popular methods include přepadovky detained and interrogated using baseball bats. They like to ignore rules during a spectacular arrest. Their work is more than efficient and the results are brilliant. But their superiors begin to have the impression that the Cowboys have the police do, and like vultures waiting for any mistake.

At the Paris scene appears a gang of robbers who robbed a bank with incredible speed and jewelry. Unfortunately, they are armed to the teeth with automatic weapons and on their account during robberies is increasing brutal murders.

Buren and his unit must use all the ingenuity and all their methods to try to stop the insane criminals ...

Interview with director Benjamin Rocher

How they are born ruthless?
From the beginning, we had planned to make a fun action movie - colorful, full of color and character with whom the viewer easily identifies - or popular product in every sense. I wanted to make a picture in the spirit of American films of the eighties, the type of Lethal Weapon, 48 Hours, Die Hard, and the like. In the spirit of unique films, playful and generous movies. I never nepotrpěl at great realism, but it was necessary that the characters the audience could easily identify with and to be credible. Main for me was to see to it that the relationships between the characters had a comedic character, and they were the people close to us. That is more believable then also in action. The viewer is receiving for her even before they embark into action.

Buren, played by Jean Reno, is a character that sets itself apart ...

From the beginning I wanted to make the character Buren was a bit out of time - Buren is an old legend that already experienced the glory days and now live in a world that has changed so little in isolation. That's why I wanted the rest of the units were from the younger generation. I wanted to make the unit easy viewers identify themselves, and to Burenovo place was a bit off - make it clear that it belongs to another era.

What attracted you to Jean Reno?

We figure Buren by him at peace. I tried to imitate the action filmmaking nineties - movies Leon, La Femme Nikita, Ronin and all the films that made ​​him a legend. I wanted to hold a mirror up between Jean Reno, the French action film icon, and Buren, police legendary old school. Bring to a rendition of one another.

How would you describe Burenův counterpart?
I had intended to emphasize the generational clash and confront Buren from the younger man. Buren is the epitome of cowboys police films of the nineties. I wanted an old-school cop stand today against a police officer, a well-dressed, oholenému until smooth and very direct: Becker embodies the police world focuses more on public relations than on action. Represents the reality of the world in which we live, the contrast with the cops, we know from the movies. As a result, the film shows the contrast between reality and fiction, which I always enjoy it a lot. At first glance, the event too "cowboys" not recorded, but Becker finally understand that it is necessary, in accordance with the rules allow the reins a bit.

From an interview with Jean Reno

What attracted you to the project?
I got the script, I just read it! Also, I found it pleasant and original that I play with a group of young actors. I thought that my character has a lot of potential and that I would be able to adjust a little bit and give it depth.

How did you like the development of the film?

Very Benjamin he combined several styles, so that the film is in a way even explosively. Is there a sort of second level, which makes it impossible to anchor the action in reality: the plot is derived from a single point, but it's clearly a fiction that uses different tones to complete the intense cinematic experience.

How would you describe your character?

Sometimes it appears quite limited as to the legality and appropriateness, because he came from a different time. It is not entirely politically correct and certainly not an example! But it's also a bit of a lost person, even if your boss is not considered to be sufficiently qualified and has the necessary skills to replace him, requires the existence of a hierarchy. Fortunately humor helps him get out of many a difficult situation.

How did you prepare for the role?

If you want to portray a role, it is necessary to look, what do you need. Physically, I did not expect much stunts. From the beginning, I had some idea of police officers and police. But in terms of pure fiction it is so important to her audience believed. So even I, as an actor, I have to believe that this is the story of a little realistic. And it is not quite ready: I wondered how it would be best to portray the character. I decided to not grasp it as a police officer, but rather as a sort of free electron among police officers.

Are you figure Buren nearby?
No, I do not have anything to do with it! I live a quiet family life with their six children. And do not sleep on couches colleagues! (laughs)

It would seem that Buren has to figure Alban Lenoir almost fatherly relationship ...
This emerged quite naturally from the way it stood in the script. Buren St. Alban's character teaches basic things. Let be guided by morals: based more on the wilder waters and hair do not know exactly where. I think rather that once the show a connection between the younger and the older actor, will automatically talk about paternal or maternal relationship ...

Caterina Murino you've met on the set of the Corsican case ...

It was a bit tricky, because there was between us was rather fatherly relationship between them while she was in the film embodies my fiancee. Our relationship is not described or discussed in depth, and if they did, we would get somewhere else. The two of us but also great friends.

As you understood with Alban Lenoir?

It's a very nice actor, and not afraid to be cocky. I really like how it is independent. Working with him was very good, the whole staff was wonderful: they were all very keen and worked hard enough to make of myself during the shoot got maximum. Sometimes I advised somewhere when I saw that they were in trouble, but I meant it, and very humbly, because you never know what fears and doubts the actor in itself can wear.

What do you think about the final form of the film?
The result is fabulous! Between the script and the final version was a big shifts and changes. It's a very original film in a unique and new design. The resulting image is based on the alchemy between actors that influenced their characters and help them get the maximum out of myself and Benjamin artistic intervention in how uniquely grasped especially the fight scenes. I'm so glad I was able to participate in this adventure. Visions of Paris, choreographed fights, stunts and tension between the characters look very "young", it is a very topical filmmaking!

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