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A young vineyard is a lot of work and results in three years

Before the young vineyard will spawn the first grapes, vintners waiting for a lot of work. He knows his oenologist Ondrej Lukes from Hustopeče winery old Hill, who is currently preparing the ground for planting new vineyards.

Only after three years will spawn the first vineyard grapes, the harvest is called a virgin. Wine made from virgin harvest is then a different taste characteristics than wine from more fruitful vineyard. Why is that? What all this actually has to face new winery? And as signed this heat to crops? It's what we asked Andrew Lukes enologist of the newly formed Old Hill Winery, which is located in Hustopece and focuses on the production of wines.

The wines are made ​​from virgin harvest special?

This wine is exceptional because after all these years of hard work and taking care of the vineyard is finally getting the first prize. The wines are fruity character rather lighter than those made ​​from the fruit of 30 years of bushes. Older shrubs had spices at greater depths and reach the grapes more minerals. Young shrubs have root systems still have shallower.

I suppose vineyard just grow overnight. What you need to do for setting it up?

The very planting is preceded by intensive work, such as land preparation, vyhnojení deep plowing or rigolace and leveling the land. Before that, it is important to carry out soil analysis, which is crucial for the proper vyhnojení land necessary nutrients. The most common method of planting is through boreholes, in which there is the creation of well water pressure and thus the right to irrigate the place where the roots of seedlings are attached. Very often the vines planted mechanically.

How about a vineyard care after planting? And when it starts to spawn the first grapes?

Young vineyard produces under normal conditions for the first time in three years after planting. In the first year just carry on seedlings protection against fungal diseases and pests, before grazing animals, and keep land in bezplevelném state. In the second year to perform the elimination of annual shoots, leaving one dvouokého cervix on each seedling. Of the two loops should grow future stems vine. In the second year, it is good to install seedlings supporting rods, steel wool, regional and row posts and guide wires. In the third year is needed in the spring before foliation vine assemble steel wool and make the cut on a shoot, which will form the trunk while fruitful wood and the shoots opting to support rod and the support wire. From this point they begin to work as a fruitful vineyard.

As the wine bush cope with tropical temperatures that hit south Moravia this year?
Some shrubs can see a light withering of grapes and pretty soon yellowing of older leaves. Although some water recently dropped, still it wanted. Already this spring we have thought about drip irrigation, because the soil of our vineyard is also quite a few waterholding.

What determines the quality and character of each wine vintages?

They say that the grapevine is the mother of wine, land is his father, and the weather's fate. This applies to a hundred percent. It is always important state of health of the grapes and their maturity. If the winemaker available high-quality grapes, is already on his skills as one conjures up. The character of the year is always the most reflected the weather.

What area of your vineyards situated? You have the ambition and the space to grow?

Currently we have about 3 hectares of land. Half a hectare vineyard produces for 12 years, and we bought it. The remaining 2.5 hectares are currently in the period after grubbing and before planting. So I was waiting for those three years of hard work before spawning begins vineyards. Fruitful vineyard is divided half and half, and Riesling and Sauvignon. Half a hectare is very low, so the vast majority of our wine is produced from purchased grapes from the wine-growers in southern Moravia. In terms of volume, we can rank among medium-sized wineries. On sprawl and expanding vineyards ambitions we have, but that space is less.

You'll be buying grapes continue even after your new vines begin to procreate?

We have our own vineyards and yet few and after planting and first harvest on our capacity will not be enough. Therefore we continue buying grapes planned. Choosing grapes is subject to our strict parameters to select wine. Only from quality grapes can produce quality wines. In the future, but of course we want to restrict the purchase and prepare wine only from their own fruit. We would like to extend to at least 10-12 hectares of its own vineyards.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of starting a winery as opposed to those routinely cope?

As an advantage I appreciate the fact that we are new. People are curious and we can come up with something completely new. Us apart from specific taste different wine yet modern building of our winery, which is located right in the vineyard. We organize public tasting. People with connection of modern architecture, picturesque nature and excellent wines just like that. And the disadvantages? We are not yet as well known and people know us. But I firmly believe that we have to find a way.

It is hard to establish themselves in strong competition hustopečských winery?

In Hustopeče there is a lot of winemakers, who are usually their small family winery and are based on certain traditions. Most of them have been producing wine in the classic wine cellar. They have their regular clientele, which is obtained from day to day. Our customers within the winery are mainly tourists who went to the Almond trail, or cyclists. Our winery is the bike path crosses the André region ..

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