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Winter is coming: Expel bats from a chimney expert to verify and check the boiler

Gas boiler is heated in this country of approximately 1.5 million households. Those concerns the obligation to leave before the heating season gas appliance check. Neither the owners of solid fuel boilers should not prepare for the upcoming winter should not be underestimated. Scans heating systems and small tasks such as radiators venting, are a matter of minutes. But will save thousands of dollars and will contribute to safe heating.

Professional inspection of the gas boiler is legally mandatory

Each owner of gas equipment shall invite before the heating season of professional technician who performed at the facility regular annual checkup. "Operation gas boilers without regular inspections and service visits is contrary to applicable legislation. The owner of the gas equipment is required to keep it in the same condition as not to endanger the life, health or property of people, "said Miloslav gap of E.ON Energie.

Once a year, the supply point must be under Decree no. 85/1978 Coll. ensure servicing gas equipment service technician. Periodic review of the gas appliance eliminates the risks associated with its operation. "The danger is if poorly tuned gas boiler leaking carbon monoxide," said the energy adviser Karl Srdečný of EkoWATT. Carbon monoxide is an odorless gas that occurs when there is inadequate ventilation of gas appliances, such as a bad chimney. Stay in an area with a high concentration of carbon monoxide leads to suffocation.

Order an expert on time, or servicing declines

Early check the gas boiler is not only a question of health and safety, as well as finance. Regular service inspection of boilers as a prerequisite warranty for equipment during the warranty period. Inspection of boilers must always entrust to experts. "Inspections gas boiler includes a number of tasks. A worker checks the function and status of the machine, dismantles the primary heat exchanger, which cleans or replace worn or defective parts. Finally, inspect the leak tightness of the gas line, check the flue and set appropriate performance, "enumerated Libor Hrabačka, technical director at Vaillant. The result of such a service inspection is a confirmation of the inspection stamp and signature technology. For example, it can be used as evidence for the insurance company in case the fulfillment of an insured event.

Since households leave annually check and prepare the boilers at the last moment, at this period, technicians busy. It may even happen that a household applying for servicing gas boiler will be rejected. This can be avoided by providing the services of experts, for example, or using special offers from some suppliers. "Our customers do not have to worry about anything because it is always advised that the time has come for a regular check. We will arrange a suitable date and perform maintenance. The servicing of gas boilers and by customers increasingly demand, "confirmed the growing trend Miloslav gap.

Chimney and radiators can see for yourself, check the pressure and vent pipes

Because of the service in the gas boiler is required to call an expert, but in preparing some other parts of the heating system can advise the owner himself. For example, the legislation allows the cleaning of the chimney yourself. If the heater flue gas through an outer wall, for instance WAW, one can certainly independently verify whether the exhaust gas does not sit bats. Conservationists had already recorded dozens of similar cases.

Also check the radiators and piping advocacy majority owners without professional assistance. Before the first firing is a good idea to check whether something somewhere does not flow. If you are under a radiator or pipe appears dark stain from vykapané water, you need to call in an expert. Experienced topenář easily remove a defect, which could manifest in full force during the heating season and really make frosty days. Before the first firing is also a necessity to check the pressure in the heating system and, if necessary bleed the radiators. "First, it is necessary to heat the entire heating system, then turn off the boiler and perform their own bleeding. Followed refill the heating system with water to the desired pressure, "said the proper procedure Libor Hrabačka.

Unnoticed should be no thermostatic valves. Check their function should be before the heating season commonplace. Just unscrew the cap and try if you can stick poking out of the valve pushed back a few millimeters and if she then returns to its original position.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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