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People due selfie with sea turtles jeopardize their annual egg

On the beaches of Costa Rica took place Arribada: Hundreds of sea turtles washed ashore to lay their sand here in their eggs. The annual outdoor theater this time degenerated into a show of human recklessness. Selfie the turtle has some people seem more valuable than impassively watch the unique natural storyline.

As every year, the Costa Rican beaches headed sea turtles, tortoises and huge common. Especially important for their population sandy beach Ostional, located in the canton of Santa Cruz. This year, however, was exceptional. The regular rainy season did not start his usual strength and so most coastal beaches - sometimes while laying eggs isolated from nearby streams overflowing - was freely accessible.

Of course, they used the local travel agency, who wanted to convey their clients remarkable "eco-tourist" experience. Here were herded cruise minibuses and buses. On the beach, so hundreds of endangered turtles have welcomed thousands of eager tourists. Aware of the situation Costa Rican organization SITRAMINAE (Trade Union of Employees ministry of environment and energy).

Marine biologist Jonathon Miller-Weisberger that the situation on the beach Ostional directly documented, confirms that the situation will soon become totally unsustainable. "People walked freely among the confused turtles, touching them and took pictures with them selfie mobile phones. Rozšlapaných number of packs of fresh nests are hard to predict. "Even when they were called to protect the three other guards mandate of the National Police (and thus expand the total number of guards supervising five), it was not possible to keep the beach tidy. Tourists simply mingled with turtles and enjoyed them in full measure. Arribada, a regular mass arrival of turtles to lay their eggs, is simply not solve.

Actions, which included, for example, the planting of small children on their parents shelled turtles and subsequent shooting, scored the other defenders, Carlos Hernandez. People from SITRAMINAE mention that the collapse of squaring the beach contributed to several factors. For example, tourists timely weather or unintentional turtle timing of laying on a vacation weekend. "What we've seen, but simply put, just an extreme example of a phenomenon with which defenders face on all the beaches of turtles in the world," says Miller-Weisberger.

Photo from place to SITRAMINAE FB


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