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What you should know before you buy a gas boiler

What you should know before you buy a gas boiler Modern boilers are economical and offer almost unrivaled ease of operation and service. In the market you will find a wide range of gas boilers of various capacities and proper selection of high-quality devices may not be quite simple. What questions should a dealer should prepare to boiler we go? Here are some lesser known tips straight from the experts.

Options Power Control

Before buying a boiler, carefully consider how much power for heating and hot water you need. "The boiler output should match the heat loss from the house. The mistake is, if the boiler is too low performance, but the bad news is also installing too powerful boiler, which then too often closes and does not work in an optimal regime, "said the choice of the boiler Roman Švantner the company ENBRA." Equally important, however, are also possibilities modulation boiler output, therefore, to what extent and in what manner it is possible to control the output of the boiler. High-quality gas boiler can be controlled from one in nine maximum performance, "said Švantner.

The construction of the heat exchanger

Exchanger in which heat energy is transmitted into the combustion gas heating water, are very critical components of the boiler, therefore, greatly influences its life. Always therefore pays interest on his design and quality. Exchanger according Švantner be made of steel of sufficient thickness. For example, exchanger body with gas boilers made from one piece of steel pipe wall thickness of 0.8 mm is virtually indestructible and can be, if necessary, easy to clean.

Connecting to a smart home

Increasingly, households appear different smart thermostats and other smart control or switching elements that allow, for example, precise temperature settings by time of day or a remote control heating via tablets and mobile phones. Their function is also important fuel savings by optimizing the settings for each installation. Modern gas boilers therefore provide the ability to connect various controls, as well as easy connection to the system of so-called smart homes. It's also a power control using an electric signal 0-10 V or support OpenTherm interface to connect smart thermostats. Last but not least also the possibility of weather-compensated control, thus setting according to external weather conditions. Of course there should be a separation of power control boilers for heating and hot water.

Design cabinets boiler dimensions

Design and embodiment of the housing is best compared to the other parameters of the furnace may seem secondary issue. Proper design of the cabinet, however, has many advantages, such as smaller size, through which the device can be installed also in tighter spaces. For ease of service is good, if the boiler casing easily removable, all three walls. For the case of installation in residential premises, when there is a utility room, a very important parameter too low noise devices, which will be to the people disturbing element and will not reduce the quality of housing.

Service and warranty

For flawless and safe operation of the gas boiler are very important annual review and in case of disturbances then also accessible service. The introduction of suppliers boilers usually published on its website lists service partners, and thus should not be a problem finding available services in your area. The rule also is that the service technician who will boiler is put into operation, it also takes care of him as part of inspection and possible service. A good dealer should give you precisely specify the conditions of customer service. Some manufacturers have for example in the whole of its product lines, unified electronics, which facilitates service possible. Ask also whether the supplier holds the key to stock spare parts. Their ordering from abroad can significantly extend the service period.

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