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How much does a current account?

A common bill for one hundred crowns a month? It has no present client bank does not jump. Although traditional stone banks towards their younger konkurentkám long defined the statements about "stone" quality, their war against the fees did not win. Free accounts now also offer, at zero tariff, however, they are something contingent.

The words "if we are your main bank" are typical condition for forgiveness fees for account management. "The bank lop tariff, when subscriptions, they will be added to your account monthly certain minimum amount, usually between 10 and 15 thousand. Elsewhere replace it straightforward formulations that will help them go paycheck or pension. Often you then also offer bonus withdrawals from ATMs or toll free cashless transactions, "says Luke Green, head of the legal department Dtest. And he adds: "Neupisujte but something that you can not perform in the future. Free Account can be very expensive, unless you meet the requirements. "

Although management of the account is free, you can surprise other unexpected fees. Although each ATM checks that can deliver the requisite amount, some banks charge a fee for listing balance at an ATM. Particularly ironic is that if you pay more for finding balance than it would cost very choice. Another example is payment for electronic banking or managing credit cards. Although this is the standard requirements associated with the use of the current account, the tariffs of these services are listed separately, especially for large banks.

On what banks earn low cost, while not asking fee or other fees? This is called. Transactional banks that live off commissions for your transactions. Also therefore pushing for some services, namely, that are card payments at retailers. Many banks offer ATM withdrawals or card maintenance free only to those who actively card is valid. Will require either a specific frequency, or the aggregate amount of payments and usually does not matter whether you spend in shops or electronic stone.

"14 of the 20 current accounts, which we compared today offers at least some form of more or less free. How they compete with each other? Sometimes it's a complete menu, for example, when its own clients reduce the rate of the mortgage loan. Elsewhere, on the contrary, will increase the interest of balance. Other differences are found in access to modern technologies such as contactless cards or NFC stickers. Somewhere still not standard and sometimes not belong to the standard for free, "says Luke Green.

Payment by swiping wallets to the reader is the fact that some people liked. It's faster than cash, because payments via NFC to five hundred crowns require classic authentication by PIN. NFC chips (both cards and stickers) therefore require some supervision and vigilance. If someone slip away, immediately block the payment instrument. Notifying the responsibility for the damage completely to pot. Until then themselves responsible for losses on unauthorized transactions up to 150 euros, the bank is liable to go beyond this.

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