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Sport versus diet: Who is a better ally in weight loss?

What works better for weight loss: diet change, or more uběhnutých kilometers? We have two options to choose from, only that which is pleasing to us, and the other completely drained?

The need to lose weight affects more than half the adult Czech population. Among patients with heart disease, this percentage is even higher. Overweight and obesity can both increase the risk of heart disease as well as worsen existing disease.

Simple mathematics

Weight loss, at least on paper, a very easy thing. To drop extra pounds is enough to make your calorie intake (energy contained in foods eaten) was always less than their supply. Energy, hence the calories we burn continuously - is needed for basic life processes, such as digestion, respiration and brain activity.

The basic issue is called the basal metabolic rate. To him, then added calories burned physical activity - walking, work or sport. Calories burned so each of us varies enormously. For active people, the basal metabolic rate only a fraction of the energy burned, while others may represent a significant part.

Do not calculations themselves

So if you're wandering into losing weight, avoiding hunger strikes and dubious cleansing cures and dial mathematical logic. How to do it? Interactive calculators or more precisely training nutritionists consultants will help you with indicative findings of basal metabolism. Simultaneously measure your body mass index and added data on physical activity. Calculate what should be your daily caloric intake, and especially how it should differ from the output. The gap between supply and reception is called a caloric deficit.

Intense sport is not for everyone

Calorie deficit can thus be achieved in two ways: by reducing the amount of food or adding physical activity. These options should be equal, but in practice it appears that diet works for weight loss far better. The reason is simple: It's far easier calories than ever not to accept the re-burning sports activity. For athletes, of course, does not apply, but most of us do not have time for a full day that was running or lifting weights. And know that in our menu you can find such calorie bombs on the burning would you like sports day or not enough.

Besides reducing the caloric value of food is also important to ensure its nutritional value. Basically, for weight loss do not care if you eat lunch salad with chicken or a candy bar, if the amount of calories different. That, to show what the difference is but your hunger, fatigue and overall health.

Exercise against the yo-yo effect

Physical activity but from his plan certainly override! You have to do several good reasons:
Any extra calories burned fit.
During regular motion man "accelerating" basal metabolic rate, and then burn more energy even at rest.
Weight loss, which is achieved with the help of exercise lasts longer. Sportier individuals have much less prone to rapid weight gain re-called. Yo-yo effect.
If you want to achieve beautiful form, without building muscle can not.
Physical activity has a beneficial effect on the psyche, and will benefit you so much more than wishful idle watching the fridge!

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