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Nitroglycerin - first aid for chest pain

It is a drug, without which many people with heart disease not make a single step. Nitroglycerin relieves mostly out of trouble, but sometimes it may even complicate medical condition.

Nitroglycerin belongs to the group of medicines called nitrates and acts as a vasodilator. This means that dilates blood vessels and improves the blood flow. It is mainly used to treat angina pectoris. This is a disease caused by impaired blood supply to the heart muscle, which is manifested in particular squeezing chest pain. Symptoms often occur when a physical stress, such as climbing stairs. There are two groups of nitrates: short and long acting. Nitrates long acting is used to prevent the occurrence of chest pain and other symptoms of angina pectoris. It is produced in the form of tablets, ointments and patches.

Quick Relief

Greater importance in medicine but have short-acting nitrates. Now they are used, if symptoms of angina pectoris, like mentioned gripping chest pain. They can also be taken against the activities in which the patient is expected that pain arises - perhaps before walking uphill or before sex intercourse.
Short-acting nitrates produced as tablets or oral sprays.
Pill either the patient is placed under the tongue or giving between the cheek and gum.
When taking nitroglycerin should sit or lie as it may cause a sharp drop in blood pressure and loss of balance, or even consciousness.
If within five minutes of preparation, submission fails awaited relief is necessary to call an ambulance, because it could be a heart attack.

Then let your doctor know:
While symptoms of angina occur with greater frequency and last longer than usual for you,
if the management of symptoms begin to need more and more drugs,
differed If the angina attack some other way from what you are used to.

Beware of combinations with other drugs!

As a common side effect of nitroglycerin may cause:
feeling of warmth,
mild nausea.

If your doctor prescribes nitroglycerin, avoid preparátům to promote erection. The combination of these products may in fact lead to life-threatening drop in blood pressure.

The severity of the chest caused by heart disease, unfortunately encounters during his life most of us. Nitroglycerin not address the cause of the pain, but it helps to ease, thereby improving the quality of life for many patients with angina pectoris.

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