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Bulbs from energy suppliers - a gift that can cost you thousands

Peddler of electricity and gas for more than a year in the large LED bulbs are distributed as reward for new customers. Signing provides up to 6-saving light bulbs. From the "gift" it becomes a penalty if you change your mind about switching supplier. They will be charged the full purchase price of the bulbs in the hundreds of thousands of crowns and a fine if you do not pay. Such a process, however, is illegal.

"Donation" saving bulbs to change electricity and gas supplier is now common practice. If the customer concludes a contract with a doorstep seller and become a customer of COMFORT ENERGY Ltd. or BOHEMIA ENERGY entity sro, left his home also set LED bulbs. Of the promised bonus, however, turns out to be buying for CZK 1 - the customer had entered into a purchase agreement bulbs separately. Crown him yet nobody does not ask, it has to be present after all.

"By using the right to withdraw from the agreed changes to energy suppliers, these companies require customers to cover the full purchase price of the bulbs in the amount of CZK 2 000. The contractual penalty CZK 500, if the consumer rejects the full price to pay, "says
Luke Green, head of the legal department Dtest. He adds: "The aim of this commercial practice is to make the consumer an immediate decision and possibly punish him for not taking advantage of the law guaranteed the right to a contract made ​​at home to think about. If you attempt to complicate the customers departure does not work, contractor recovered from them at least a few thousand. "

When changing customer to the company LAMA energy, and then he sold 6 pieces of LED bulbs completely different society, BLUE OCEAN Management Ltd. While advertising the bulbs bonus dávaným to change supplier free of charge, in the purchase contract by the customer again receives the right Two of the purchase price, discounted price of CZK 5 and filled in the amount of CZK 3630. The latter is designed for consumers who are looking for new suppliers remain.

"It's against the law to require a special withdrawal from the contract for the purchase of bulbs, if the consumer cancels the statutory deadline contract with a new supplier. If you inform the new supplier of its decision to withdraw from the contract within five days before the start of energy supply, it will lead to the automatic termination of the related purchase agreement, "says Green.

Even though the contractors deny interconnection agreements concerning energy supply and purchase contracts for light bulbs, they are interrelated contracts, called the Consumer Rights Directive as a supplemental contract. If the consumer withdraws from the contract to change the energy supply contracted at his home, they are thus automatically terminated any related contract without any costs. It is irrelevant whether the purchase agreement for the bulb to another document, signed with another entrepreneur, and perhaps even independence clause in the contract for the supply of energy, as well as canceling the change of supplier is automatically canceled and the rights and obligations under the purchase contract.

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