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Art that goes back to the roots - stuckism

Art that goes back to the roots - stuckism It haystack art? A turndown? It becomes art if we place them in a gallery? What is art? Stuckism, one of the fastest growing art movement today, takes on this issue clear position.

"Stuckism trying in a way to rehabilitate the classical art techniques such as painting and sculpture. Takes procedures, which today are often labeled as obsolete - hence the origin of the name. Stuck in English is jammed, jammed, "explains exhibition curator Barbara Maštrlová.

Find out how to look at art spirit stuckismu will be able Prague public just starting to show Crazy Over You In Prague, which will present the works of one of the founders Stuckismu, the painter Charles Thomson. Exhibition at the New Art Gallery & Event Black Swan opens today at 13 hours guided tour personally Charles Thomson.

Thomson's first solo exhibition in the Czech Republic will offer up to 15 November at almost three dozen large and small canvases. The exhibition will be visited for a symbolic fee of 50 CZK. Under Art Gallery & Event Black Swan in the center of Prague is Andrew Škarka, among other things, the sculpture festival organizer Sculpture Line and Mrs Danuše Siering, owner of House Black Swan.

was born at the turn of the millennium in opposition to conceptual work. Stuckism argues that art to be exhibited in the gallery that became art, the result is not art. During its 16 years of existence it has this trend followers around the world. "The Stuckismu is a nice feature that returns the artist's right to freely search form and content, through processes that make fine art born and already quite a long time the art world relentlessly condemned as outdated . Therefore, I assume that has stuckism such an international resonance, "says Barbara Maštrlová. So it is managed Charles Thomson.

Charles Thomson is a contemporary British artist - painter, poet, photographer, curator and one of the founding fathers Stuckismu.

This movement he founded along with London artist Billy Childish in 1999. The name is derived from the English word stuck (jam, jam), which konceptualistka Tracey Emin marked their paintings. Stuckism refuse to consider as art objects that become art until after they find themselves in galleries and on the contrary, they want to establish themselves back to classical painting and sculpture. Within 16 years the movement reports more than 230 groups in more than 50 countries including the Czech Republic. Significant representative is among painters in the Czech Republic (Jaroslav Valečka, Jiri Hauschka, etc.).

After the exhibition Charles Thomson will be followed by exposure to one of the first Czech Jiri Hauschka Stuckist and at Christmas time possessest exhibition space Black Swan works of Czech talent expressive painting Martin Krajc.

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