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Prvňáček diabetic? No problem!

Before a child with diabetes for the first time goes to class, parents must solve a lot of issues. It may seem difficult, but it is achievable. In addition, nowadays it is a small diabetic no rarity and most educational institutions is a child with a chronic illness ready.

Before you go to write, walk around the school, which would you be envisaged, and talk with management. You should learn everything important to you and easier to evaluate the possible advantages and disadvantages. Choose "primary school" responsibly, not only for the child with diabetes are usually the first years of compulsory schooling significant burden. And what would a schoolboy with diabetes during the day at school have to do it or need it?

Measure your blood glucose, insulin or take medications, and be able to recognize in time to deal with hypoglycemia, snacking, when necessary, dine at the appointed time with plenty of time to finished up, have easy access to water and freedom for going to the toilet.

Few extras

That a child can live up to those obligations, they must have with them: medicine, meter, snacks, suitable is an identification bracelet for diabetics, which is widely available, inexpensive, and can help the child cell phone with preset numbers of parents, older siblings, according to the agreement Teachers like.

You can wrap things up neatly labeled packages to your offspring could, if necessary, to help teachers družinářky or sibling. The American Diabetes Association also recommends putting children to school package with general information about diabetes, including treatment plan and instructions on how to recognize and treat hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia. Also connect the contact information on themselves and others that a small diabetic care, pediatrician, etc.

Awareness is the basis

Teachers and educators must know not only diagnosis but also the current state of health of your child. To keep them in the picture, every year with them, discuss treatment plan again. Inform them and all the changes. It would be ideal if everything clearly and comprehensibly wrote and distributed a copy of persons who come into contact with the child. Try to reach such an arrangement was agreed by both sides and which does not limit the child.

Stay connected

Suitable often bring together people who will be in school for your child to worry about. You can communicate with them and they can ask you for anything that interests them. Personal conduct is indispensable. Make sure that the school staff is ready to ensure that the child is taken care of at all times. Ask the responsible persons and do not be afraid to tell them that they should somehow improve. Try to be open on both sides. Anxiety school staff on whether they will be able to take care of diabetics, may cause it to behave differently to other schoolchildren. However, this may be your descendant perceived negatively.

Preparation means peace and quiet

Parents are often of taking the child to school nervous. For peace of all it is important to educate diabetics on everything that is connected with his illness - do ye so without fear or nervousness.
The child should (accordingly to their age) to understand how diabetes monitor and treat.
While in school he needs consistent supervision, but should also feel safe and confident among their peers. This will allow sufficient preparation.
Try to educate him but also to ensure that the benefits associated with their disability and abuse in their tempted him any sloppiness.
Small diabetic should always know whom to ask for help if something happens.
Also, it should be completely separate regarding medication at mealtimes.

Regularly descendant Ask about how he was doing in school. It is advisable to arrange and book some feedback to the teacher. Communications should definitely not take the form of notes in the student book.

What if a problem occurs?

Always try to keep calm, mainly because of his child. Will establish an atmosphere of mutual respect and decency. If an agreement is not possible, try to find a solution that will be beneficial to the child.

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