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Red wine was the most popular among Czechs. Why is it therefore so little?

When you say new wine, most people think of pale yellow, cloudy beverage with a fresh taste and lower alcohol content. Many Czechs also enjoyed the red wine variant of this intermediate, without knew about it, that differ only in color.

Unlike the white wine was the red available in limited quantities, it requires a different manufacturing process. It is best to buy it directly from the winemaker and certainly not to drink the one that was long in the sun.

Ferments faster, ideal taste has therefore a limited time

Red wine was the juice that ferments with the mash of blue grapes used to produce red wine, most of the varieties Blue Portugal. It should be light to dark ruby ​​red color and a slight haze caused by the presence of yeast. Although it is made from grapes, it has more raspberry aroma background can, however, discern and wine aroma. On newsstands and in the winery can buy red wine was only for a limited period of time, because it is made less. Limited availability of red young wine is determined mainly by the production process, which is slightly different compared to the light version. "For white wine grapes are immediately pressed juice on the season. The Red young wine but it is necessary to obtain the required color and it is hidden in the shell blue grapes. Shell is therefore necessary to disrupt and mash, which is made ​​from crushed berries is left to stand in order to release the juice from the skins pigment needed, "said Ondrej Lukes, cellarman Hustopeče winery Old Hill.

So red wine was pressed up during fermentation, in addition ferments with the skins, thereby causing stronger and faster kvasnému process. "Perfect taste is thus only a limited time. Its storage in a fresh state is very difficult, which is why it is less widespread, "said Lukes. Few people know that in addition to white and red young wine, there is a pink version. It is produced as a white young wine, but with the use of blue grapes. Burčák to obtain only a small part of the red dye.

Red wine was to cleanse the body better than the white one

Red wine was the only tasty, but also beneficial to health. Obviously, however, only if we indulge limited. Now, thanks to greater speed and intensity of fermentation can cleanse the body better than wine was white. Moreover, it contains a large amount of healthy substances, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and fruit sugars. Thanks yeast is also rich in protein. Taste of both red and white half-fermented during autumn varies depending on the stage of fermentation. At each stage, different amounts of sugar and alcohol. First, the available wine was sweet, in which sugar prevails over alcohol. This is a very weak alcoholic beverage. "The best taste characteristics of a young wine phase of high fermentation, the yeast develop the greatest activity. This makes the wine was naturally warm. Sugar and alcohol are there in equal proportion. This phase is however very short, "said Ondrej Lukes. Followed by a phase of "breaking down" in which wine was already tastes more alcoholic. Late burčák is called "mydliňák" and has fairly sharp taste of alcohol. Red wine was often traditionally available later than white, mostly from mid-September.

Right red wine was the best directly from the winemaker

"Red wine was suffering greatly during transport. Thus, tastes best directly in the winery immediately after it was made. That red wine was a buy at its source, except we get a better taste experience also more confident that we have not come across a product ripped off, "said Ondrej Lukes cellarman of Hustopeče winery. Quality young wine can also be bought such as wine festivals or farmers' markets. But it is necessary to think that this drink must be kept refrigerated. Definitely not a good idea to purchase a product that was a long time in the sun.

Source: tz Lešenská, editorially modified

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