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Cirk La Putyka indicate the new Family show, the largest in its history

Cirk La Putyka indicate the new Family show, the largest in its history Our premier set of new circus Cirk La Putyka indicate Oct. 14 premiere of the latest show called Family. This is the first project, which is produced domestically Jatka78 and the largest in the history file. To collaborate invited principal and director Rostislav Novák ml. All artists who teal La Putyka past five years have passed.

Overall, the stage presents twenty performers from six countries. Acrobats, actors, performers and musicians, including both parents and son Rosti Novak ml., Which then pays homage to its traditional artistic family. Due to the size and occupancy will show Family specified in the space Jatka78 only twelve - October 14 to 28.

The introduction of the Family will be performing three generations of artists from six countries aged from 10 to 67 years. "In addition to foreign and domacho acrobats that audiences know from the project Analog or other performance Circus La Putyka, there will also my parents who Theater live round life. And my son, who grew up in New Circus and recently jumped his first double backflip. Family project I teamed together his artistic family with the most personal, "says the introduction to the author and director Rostislav Novák ml." I chose this topic because I feel a strong history of their own families, and also how hard it is now to keep the family together. Underpinning it is often the oldest and most experienced, but the youngest and most powerful. Times have changed, "she continues." I was still learning from his dad and be able to pass on this one and I do not care if it comes to how myjou shoes, or how the fire ignited. Sometimes I want to be alone, but I never want to be without family, "says Novak.

Introducing Family consists of the first and largest part of the trilogy.
The Prague production will be followed in February 2016 premiere Roots project at Berlin Cabaret and Variety Theatre Chameleon. In it happen Cirk La Putyka to August, over 180 performances. In autumn 2016 it will have to Jatkách78 premiere of the last part of the trilogy, duet Black Black Woods, who will be for Rostislav Novák Jr. and his father Rostislav Novák older directing renowned personalities of movement and dance theater Kapetanea Linda and Jozef Fruček.

Teaser for the show

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