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The most positive view we have on domestic wines with a mark

The most positive view we have on domestic wines with a mark Domestic wine taste Czechs and foreigners. Czech Wine Growers Association notes that the volume of wine exports to foreign countries increased by 19%. Czechs like to pay extra for quality domestic wines and orientation when buying them helps trademark wines from Moravia, Wines from Bohemia. This ensures that the wine is made exclusively from grapes grown in Bohemia and Moravia. At present, this voluntary labeling employs 138 winemakers.

Czechs prefer domestic wines

Although wine is becoming increasingly popular among Czechs, however, still in its consumption fall below the European average. That year amounts to nearly 36 liters per person, for us it's still a little over 20 liters. According to a survey of the Wine Fund Czechs prefer domestic to foreign wines. For better it is considered to be about 58% of consumers, and we indulge them, even though their price is generally higher. Ten years ago, while the situation was quite the opposite. At that time, the Czechs prefer wine imports.

According to the director of the Wine Fund Jaroslav Machovec recent surveys have produced historically the most positive view of consumers on the Czech and Moravian wines. "This is also connected with the campaign Wines from Moravia, Wines from Bohemia. Customer prefers domestic product a declaration in the form of the same trademark for him is one of the motivations of purchase, "explained Machovec. The popularity of Czech and Moravian wines, is also evident even beyond the borders of the Republic. According to data of the Union of Winemakers of the Czech Republic, the volume of wine exports to foreign countries by 19%. The last season was exported wine for 667 million crowns, while the majority was directed to Slovakia.

Trademark guarantees the origin of Moravian and Czech wines

Czechs today strongly partial to guarantee genuine Czech and Moravian wines. Increasingly, therefore, looking at a bottle logo trademark wines from Moravia, Bohemia wines from the Wine Fund and the Association of winemakers that guarantees them the domestic origin of the product they are buying. This marking has the form of stickers in the national colors and is positioned on top of the bottle neck. It can be found not only in attributive wines, but also wines earth for the production are used grapes from the Czech Republic. "Winemaker, that mark is used, guarantees the signature of a license agreement with the Wine Fund of the origin of the grapes and wines and is committed under the threat of sanctions provided for origin of the wine customer truthful information, "explained Peter Polický from Old Hill Winery, which wine with a trademark has to offer.

Do not use the mark, far from all Moravian and Bohemian winemakers. "Currently in our country 138 winemakers concluded a license agreement to use the mark. While professional winemakers who annually produce at least a thousand liters of wine, in the Czech Republic about 750, "said Jaroslav Machovec. So far, therefore marking Czech and Moravian wines and winemakers voluntary connect to it gradually. Viticultural institutions, however, are intended to make it into a future legally mandatory.

Designation of wines from Moravia, Wines from Bohemia know 2/3 of the population

Trademarks concerning wines are gaining significance especially now when the market is flooded with cheap wines from the south. "Several wine producers sin the weak state control quality. The market environment is ideal to increase profits, and admixing or directly by replacing domestic raw materials as raw material imports, "says independent marketing professional wineries Milan Sedlacek. Just before these unfair practices are trademarks protect.

In addition to the designation of wines from Moravia, Wines from Bohemia to the wine trade marks also include VOC - wine of original certification or authentic wines. In using these designations winemakers are subjected to stringent controls. "The quality wine products routinely patrol the relevant state authorities. Use of trademarks wines from Moravia, Wines from Bohemia but every winemaker also committed to checks by the wine-growing institutions that the market never let go wine spoiling their reputation, "says Peter Polický.

Trademark is getting to the attention of more and more Czechs. Winemakers, who will use it and declare that the origin and quality of its wines, it has a greater chance that after the product reaches more customers.

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