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Maintenance and repair of the dwelling - what the tenant pays and what the landlord?

The landlord is obliged to keep the lease for an apartment in good condition, fit for habitation. Routine maintenance and minor repairs but must provide and pay the tenant himself. What is usually considered minor defects, and what is attributable to the landlord? In which cases can ask the tenant to the landlord cover the costs of correcting the problem?

"The law nor any other legislation does not define what is considered routine maintenance and minor repairs. Landlord and tenant it may define themselves in the lease agreement, for example, depending on the type of activity or the amount of the costs incurred, "says Luke Green, head of the legal department Dtest.

For small repairs shall be considered, for example, repair of floor coverings and sills, repair parts for windows and doors, replacement of locks, blinds, replacement of electrical terminals and distribution equipment, namely switches, sockets, circuit breakers, bells, intercoms, sockets distribution data networks or television broadcast signals. Furthermore, necessary repairs water discharges, hoods, hoods, mixing faucets, showers, water heaters, wash basins, sinks, flushing, cooking stoves, radiators, kitchen units and wardrobes.

For heating installations with small repairs are repairs stoves, solid fuel, gas and electricity, boilers floor heating solid, liquid and gaseous fuels, including valves and control valves and control thermostats floor heating. PPE is not considered them in repair of radiators and central heating piping.

"If the tenant finds in the apartment other than a minor defect, which needs to be removed immediately, it has the obligation to immediately notify the landlord. It also has an obligation to prevent damage that could arise as a result of such defects. For example, if during the night bursts riser, the lessee is obliged to immediately stop the flow of water, or summon emergency service. Failure to do so shall be liable for damage caused by leaking water, "says Luke Green. Reimbursement of costs incurred by the lessee efficiently - for example to carry out emergency repairs - may require the landlord.

If it finds a tenant in the apartment other than a minor defect preventing normal living, but he does not need to be addressed urgently, it has the duty to draw attention to her landlord without delay. For example, it may be repairing the roof of the house, if rain occurs when slight leaks to the interior.

The landlord must provide reasonable time remedy notified defects. Failure to do so can be remedied by the tenant and the landlord has an obligation to compensate him reasonably incurred costs. "If there is a fault so substantial that the tenant was bound itself to provide a remedy and due to inactivity landlord reduces living comfort, the lessee has the right to require the Landlord discount on the rent, "says Green.

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