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Tips for students: How to use mobile phones and tablets to survive and not to expose the hour

Full-day classes can be exhausting, especially after a few months holidays. During rush responsibilities and deadlines is difficult to have enough energy and positive attitude. Simplify your student life. A great help to you in it may be smart phones, tablets and other achievements of our time. We have prepared some tips thanks to electronic companions to survive school cool.

Tip: An hour ago, a clean head and relax

Take advantage of the time intervals between class changes to rest. If you can, remove to fresh air. Refresh the mind and stretch your whole body stiff from sitting. Effective relaxation tool is the favorite songs that we recommend to always have on your smart phone or iPod. Music reduces stress and tension, thinking about getting a return you lost energy. Scientific studies indicate that before the written exam or an important exam, it is appropriate to let the soothing classical music. Classic supposedly improves performance and concentration.

Tip: Save your strength, study more efficiently

Pay attention to the lesson, write notes, focus on tasks, all of which require a large amount of brain activity and energy. The good news is that with smart assistants and technologies that we now commonly available, we can work on lessons much easier. For example, such a note-taking today does not have to hurt - no sticky fingers and unattached. Simply use a tape recorder to record a lecture. Instead of writing lengthy notes will be sufficient to record a brief clues to the discussed topic in his workbook or straight text editor on your tablet or smartphone.

Podchytíte so true essence of the subject matter, the more you remember and if necessary you can always replay the lecture. "The recorder or video recording of the lecture is energy intensive. So instead, turn off unnecessary processes to increase battery life. For example, you can reduce the brightness and automatic backlight turn off data transfers or GPS. It is also appropriate to limit the frequency of updates and notifications from applications, "recommends Radim Tlapak of

Tip: The smart app will make your life easier

A great tool for each student are smart applications to smartphones and tablets. Free or for a small fee in a few minutes simply download the selected application to your device, and then you just can not keep wondering how is it possible that you have not functioned without it. The selection is great and its a coming everyone. If you have deadlines, appointments and tasks confusion, try to planning applications. Regulations to bring your student life example inclass applications available for the iPad and iPhone, where you can register your schedule with all items and assign them important dates, notes, or even upload photos and sound recordings. Similarly, the application works Any.Do Do it available for Android devices. Useful applications are also translations of texts, different vocabularies and advanced calculator.

Tip: Have you not juice, use an external battery

Full day taking notes in lectures, listening to music or surfing the Internet may surprise you just emptied your device at the most inconvenient moment. Find while in school free electrical outlet to recharge can be a problem. Do not spoil the mood. Such unexpected situation can be readily prepared. Simply to school or take along a spare battery tweaks in the form of an external battery. This ensures a simple and recharge your smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices powered via the USB cable, without access to electricity.

"When selecting an external battery you will notice a proper size and value of the output voltage that is measured in volts. An alternative may be the backup battery adapters that combine the advantages of conventional charger with smaller built-in battery, "he Radim Tlapak and added that the external battery can be up to eight times more capacity than conventional batteries smartphone. Students provide enough power for the entire school day.

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