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Powerful weather - 10 examples of his work on our fitness

Weather fluctuations have impacts on the health of many people. Some individuals are sensitive to these sudden changes in sensitive and feel even the slightest deviation, others forecast turnovers register in advance a few days. How about you?

Health complications, of which play a role in changing weather conditions known are many. There is even a discipline, biometeorology to this investigation. We will tell what particular weather conditions can have influence.

1. Blood Pressure

In summer, when drop in atmospheric pressure, reduced blood pressure as well.

Second Suicides

Weather fluctuations also have an impact on the psychological well-being of man, because, for example, the rate of suicides grows in winter and autumn.

Third Asthma and Allergy

Changes periods and heat waves worsen the symptoms of asthma and various allergies.

4. Problems with joints

Sudden changes in atmospheric pressure, such as occur before the storm, can trigger joint pain. Unpleasant is the impact of the very cold temperatures.

5th Headache

This difficulty is given also associated with rapid changes in atmospheric pressure. Another reason is, for example, lengthening days - longer exposure of bright light can make some individuals more susceptible trigger a migraine.

6th Diabetes

During cold periods increases the viscosity or viscosity of blood. At this time Diabetics may have difficulty controlling blood glucose (blood sugar).

Seventh Myocardial infarction

Mainly cardiac patients should in summer to watch out for and avoid staying in the sun.

8th Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and other lung diseases

Hot and humid weather can make it difficult to breathe, especially for people with pre-existing lung disease. Air pollution, which tends to be worse in the summer, also plays a role.

9th Influenza

According to scientists, rapid temperature changes weaken the immune system and the body becomes more susceptible to infections, and therefore also to the common flu.

10th feeling of pressure in the nasal cavity

Increase in atmospheric pressure, a lot of people feel just in the nasal cavities.

Enumeration of the possible effects of weather on human health is far from complete. It seems that affects us in ways that can not directly aware of it. For a healthy young person, these changes usually do not pose serious health risks. Beware, however, have mainly elderly and sick people and their daily activities to adapt the current weather forecast.

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