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"To rewind the clock for daylight savings time?" Curious or phone calls ...

"To rewind the clock for daylight savings time?" Curious or phone calls ... The Czechs have already fully grown accustomed to using a call to the customer line operators and suppliers of various services. They inquire of it while often very different things. Free lines to attract curious calls obviously more than you paid. The proof may be even some calls from the customer hotline energy company E.ON.

1st Curiosities from the world of customer support E.ON

On zákaznocké line operators facing questions of various nature. And they find among them really hilarious stunts to prove that even customers in handling their matters relating to the supply of electricity and gas do not lose their sense of humor.

1) August 25, 2015 (theme: supply of electricity and gas)
Operator: "Just a moment, please, the date I seek."
Customer: "Because the computer already feel the end of working hours, you know, so I do not want around."
Operator: "You'll have gas, Mr. Novak?"
Customer: "No, no, nothing like that, I'm afraid, I'm a terrorist, I would have something blew up."

2) July 10, 2015 (theme: Complementary products - dangerous carbon monoxide detector)
Customer: "I would like to buy alarm, neighbor to prove that I smoke from his cigarettes goes up windows. And I do not do well. "
Operator: "For this purpose, the alarm is not primarily meant. Please contact rather directly to the manufacturer's website, if it can be used for this purpose. Whether buying an alarm unnecessarily. "

3) March 30, 2015
Customer: "Hello, please you, I do not know where to rewinding the clock - forwards or backwards? Due to the change to daylight saving time. Scrolling is done Grandpa Smith, but he found a younger mistress and left. I would like přestřihnul wires and I would bring you electricity to roll over. "

4) April 9, 2015, the Business Line
Customer: "Hi, I'd like for you to order a new laptop."
Operator: "You've reached the energy company E.ON, the service is." Customer: "Oh, I'll try to RWE."

2. How many calls per month can handle one client?

Free customer service line E.ON was seen in those cases where the client called in one month to 15 times. An example might be a customer Mrs. Doe. "The client engaged in rewriting a few meters, an increase in power, the establishment of a new outlet. Repeatedly verified receipt of the signed contracts, setting advance payments, the validity of reserve power, information to increase power. All this carried out within 15 calls, "says Gabriela Blažková, a leading customer line." But we are of course pleased that Ms. able to enjoy free calls and settle with the help of a specialist everything needed extra from home. She did not have to actually fifteen meander somewhere in person at a branch, which would of course be for her time and energy more demanding. Free calls to us is the standard of customer service, "adds Blazkova.

A similar case was seen in Business Line. Record holder Mr. Smith called her 10 times for July and for August 9 times. In both cases addressing questions about the standard of housing and transfers between tenants and the city. "Mr. Smith is already known among all the colleagues at Business Line and the relationship with him is already quite close," explains Jiri Svoboda, Head of Business Line.

3rd Extremely long calls from customer lines

With some requirements of the customers at the Customer line turns again, other calls can last a really long time to change. An example is Mr. Smith, who holds the record of a conversation of 30 minutes. Second place in the extremely long conversations took Mr. Newbie 27 minutes per call. It is clear that energy issues puts demands on the operator, but also for the customer. If the call is charged to the customer service line, calls may be unpleasantly expensive.

Note: The names of the clients are intentionally changed to protect privacy.

Source: tz Lešenská, editorially modified

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