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Every third woman breaks Family

Let's begin to call things their real names. Divorce as a "new beginning" more than anything else, especially at the end. End that did not need to come.

As part of objectivity, it should be noted that here I am talking only about people who are sometimes family founded. And in the same way that it breaks even every sixth man. This can be easily calculated:

According to statistics, two-thirds of proposals for divorce brought by women (mostly for "diversity of personalities, ideas and interests") and divorce in our country ends approximately every second marriage.

For unmarried families, the situation is similar, if not worse (for simplicity speaks about their breakup as "divorce"). If, therefore, expands and initiator half of women are two-thirds of this half, generally it is one third of all women. For men, the initiator of the third half are divorcing, thus the whole sixth.

Especially from the mouths of women but I hear the objections: "Whoever gives for divorce, do not be the one who breaks the family." But I ask: Who then?

He slapped one another? Or the other, whose infidelity is revealed before? Or the first, which long ago ceased to sleep with others? Or the second one, which was the first in years obnoxious? Or the first one that constantly annoyed his second tardiness? Or ... or ... it kind of reminds question of what came first - the chicken or the egg?

Nobody is perfect, and in relation arise various problems from both sides. Often those who have been among them since the beginning - just the two of them managed to cope with them or reconcile. But when one comes and says: "The end, it's not even manage to put up with it I do not want a divorce," the right step in making this relationship for a definite period.

Until it's just between them, not so much. When they have children, they affect primarily them. Therefore, I would like to pay tribute to the two-thirds women and five šestinám men's final end to a compact family do not want children.

Author: Ing. Ales Hour, dr. hc
Source: Stří

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