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How to handle purchases with children without stress? Plug into them

The fact that parenting is not a cakewalk and children can be very demanding companions, everyone will probably agree. Whatever your children no matter how well-behaved, some activities in their company sometimes becomes a nightmare. Now shopping is statistically one of the most stressful activities.

Shopping with branches is now a regular activity that must pass almost every parent. Regardless of age, children are sentient beings and in the shopping center full of new ideas, tempting colors and products are sometimes unleash. They beg, crave useless, transporting goods from the shelves in shelving, or may even deliberately hide. In this article we bring you some practical tips and advice on how to avoid similar unpleasant situations.

Choose the appropriate time

With or without children, while purchases can scare everyone crowded stores. If for discounted yogurt you have to wade through crowds of other people, not to be with you even have children to get to a nervous collapse. If it's at all possible, avoid large weekly shopping in the afternoon and evening. Crisis situations occur mainly at the end of the week, Thursday, Friday or Saturday. According to a survey for the Czech distribution these days most people go to great shopping. On the whole process of shopping You should allow plenty of time. Easygoing feeling will also contribute to the fact that children under the trade will arrive rested and bristly. The rule applies to a meal course for parents, along with the feeling of hunger in the basket and get lots of useless expenses for purchase and can exceed the usual amount. According to statistics parents between 30 and 50 years on average for a big purchase pays more than 1,600 crowns.

Put a small toy, send more milk

Babies who have themselves around a shopping cart do not run and can not get up to mischief around, moms can purchase unpleasant loud crying. Therefore, along hesitate to pack something kids entertained reliably whether a favorite toy, a magazine or a tasty snack. "The transport of food and drink for babies are suitable for insulated insulated to keep food and drink cold or warm for up to 4 hours. They also contain a cooling bag with frost gel and using a strap can be easily attached to the stroller, "recommends Lukas Fiala from the company Britax Römer.

Even after meals tend to have happy kids enough energy to play with, so it is not the case with him also the smallest pack favorite toys. "Some rattles combine several functions in one, such as active rhino attachable to the stroller is wearing for kids secured many perks. Textile book with funny pictures of animals baby explore while playing štěrkající rings piskatka and rattling bird cheer him in the stroller, "says Fiala. If you have children with you actually spend time on the premises of the supermarket is definitely neopomíjejte and communicate with them. Older children can delegate specific tasks, which can easily become part of the game, and at the same time you can help with the purchase. They will become important helpers themselves and can learn many things.

A small fee will not hurt

For your shopping and quiet enjoyment of your children can be successfully completed for the purchase promise little reward. Motivation can not trifle hurt, but should not be the case that your offspring can enforce anything. If schoolchildren require more and more things, let them know that according to their discretion, the thing to buy for their pocket money or money saved.

If you feel that your presence of children makes it impossible to purchase entirely, feel free to use the services supervised children's play areas, which today every major shopping mall has. Besides climbing frames and toys in which children can look forward to even such as thematic workshops and accompanying program. The current trend also becomes grocery shopping online, which some parents may seem like the most convenient option. In the Czech Republic, e-shops with food but still relatively in its infancy, as online sales of food requires sophisticated logistics.

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