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Antidepressants: the psychological need help, but only when used properly!

Antidepressants are able to morbid despair and sadness fairly good deal. However, the treatment was successful, it is necessary to observe some basic rules. Otherwise, the depression back before you know it.

Depression affects throughout life to 17% of people. Sometimes resolves itself, sometimes persists long term, the most she can not get rid of that treatment. The methods for its mastery include:
drugs - antidepressants,
biological therapy - "electroshock" or
electroconvulsive therapy, phototherapy (treatment with bright light), etc.

Long-term good results brings a combination of medication and psychotherapy, as the most effective for acute episodes of major depression with electroconvulsive therapy appears again. Clearly the most frequently used because of easy availability, however the use of antidepressants.

Deviation from the normal

So one could move, think, speak or recalling must along nerve cells (neurons) in the brain communicate. This is done by means of chemicals - neurotransmitters that washes at cell junctions called synapses, and transmit a signal from neuron to neuron. In the brain, we have called neurotransmitters serotonin, norepinephrine, dopamine and others. These chemicals are also involved in the origination of emotions and moods. When their abundance or scarcity arises psychological disorder, such as depression.

Chemistry to chemistry

The causes of the aforementioned imbalances still largely unknown. But they were fortunately found other chemicals that can amount of neurotransmitters in the brain affected, and therefore is used to treat depression. They can, for example, to increase the quantity, imitating the effect of reducing neurotransmitters in nerve cells or stop their decline thanks to the quantity. Reuptake.

Do not stop prematurely

Although the use of antidepressants simple form of treatment, it can be that so much is wrong. We offer several warnings to all who have met with such preparations or sometimes encounter:
Onset of action of therapy usually lasts 3-4 weeks. Do not expect because the medications you bring immediate improvement, and stop taking thinking they will help.
Enjoy meals in a prescribed time period. The dentist has determined randomly. Some antidepressants are useful in the morning after waking up, others in the evening before going to sleep.
These drugs do not mix with alcohol - it also affects the brain and can distort the effects of drugs.
Therapy certainly does not change or do not exit prematurely. Even if it makes you feel good, depression is needed "zaléčit" - it takes at least half a year.
If you agree with your doctor to planting preparation, do not do so suddenly, but strictly follow his advice on the gradual weaning. The brain in the treatment accustomed to a certain dose of antidepressants and should be recovering slowly. Otherwise, you may be depressed back before you know it.

The author: Lucie Kovářová
Expert guarantor article: MD. George Náhlovský
Source: U lékař

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