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Project All honor pays tribute to families where the craft is inherited

"All honor. That said, if a person likes something, he has to take off, or even bow. And this man has when he sees families whose craft came in the blood. Seeing how after a long and generations caring for his beloved job, "these words comes a new project all paths, behind which stands Yinachi and as a partner of Scotch whiskey Glenfiddich.

Pillars of the project are the stories of three Czech families and their representatives, who are the guardians of ancestral traditions. Theater, violin makers and farriers with ancestral destiny each one of them.

Individual parts of the project do not consist only communicating stories, but also in the creation of new ones. And because it includes support for the workshop performances Family Cirk La Putyka whose Principal is Rostislav Novák ml., Successor of one of the houses, which is tendered in honor.

"The project we honor those who were willing to take their name and ancestral link as a liability. In a country where the swearing artisans and everything is blamed on 40 years of communism, it was a big challenge. The result is worth it and it would not be possible without the support of whiskey, which has a link to ancestors in their DNA, "says the introduction Lucie Medunová of creative clusters Yinachi." The idea reflects the fact that Glenfiddich is a traditional distillery, which to this day leading direct successor of the family founder William Grant, "adds Paul Hojgr for Glenfiddich.

In the first phase of the project involved three traditional Czech families and their representatives - blacksmith Václav Ráliš, puppeteer and theatrical producer Anna Novakova and violin-maker Tomas Pilar. "Thanks to them, they responded to our invitation and shared their story and archival materials that document the history their family, "adds Lucie Medunová." How is our generation slightly selfish child into old age, we thought it must be a huge commitment to take the baton ancestral ancestral. And the biggest surprise of the project was that for these particular people, it was commonplace. Brooked no other way, it was an honor for them because they grew up in honor. "

Anna Novakova is the successor of the famous Czech puppet family Kopecky, whose history dates back to the times of national revival. Puppeteer and theatrical producer, born on holiday, has seen a small shift from traveling in caravans to work in the stone theaters. He never imagined that would be dealing with something else.
"To be born into the family Kopecky also meant to take the family profession as a way of life and get used to the preconceived notions of the more ordinary circumstances," he says.
Anna, like her brother, she studied puppetry at the Academy of Performing Arts. Remains active woman who with performances for children during the summer are still cruising the Czech lands. "The nomadic life in my blood," he explains.
Her sons also did not deny ancestral available, the world of theater locker experienced from early childhood. Rosťa son is now the Principal Circus La Putyka and his ancestral heritage tackles after her - through a new presentation Family, stating his file 14 to 28 October in Prague area Jatka78. On stage, he meets not only with parents but also with their children.

Vaclav Ráliš is a member of the sixth generation of the family podkovářského that the management and procurement of agricultural horses' prokoval "racing on ovals nobility.
This genus is in the last decades inextricably linked with the senior race and Pardubice racecourse, near which today houses. For generations Rálišová protect and maintain procedures to eventually transmit further. Through new modes crisis and changing trends. "Just something in th blood. Some kind of talent must be there, "believes Vaclav Ráliš that predestination to craft his own family.
Fittings for Ráliš has its own clearly defined rules that are followed across generations. Refrain plethora of speeches and well strike while the iron is hot. Until, ironically, it seems to be the fact that in Ráliš meet farriery follower. Because of injury for the son of Vaclav this demanding profession fit himself Vaclav situation smířilivě commented: "I'll probably be the last."

Tomas Pilar, known master violinmaker from Hradec Kralove, a member of the seventh generation from the Giant famous violin school. "I was given this destiny," he says.
A family tradition going back deep into the 19th century, among other things inspired the book Remote Patriots, not killed nor wiles of fate, nor adversity or arbitrariness political regimes. Houslařská art on Pilař generational transfers with great care and diligence, which would hardly find in others. Tomas was clear in 13 years when he decided to train for houslovýrobě. Whether father or grandfather Charles Vladimir and Thomas accompanied the life of innate modesty and dignity.
The future direction of prevailing in Hradec studio rare consensus. Tomas Pilar left nothing to chance and after his daughter Sarka ("Daughter of the youth counted, she wanted it."), And trained his son-John. Annually produces four sets of five pairs to master the violin. "The violin-making is a mystery, something hidden," he says.

Grants story of a family and its founder William has been written since 1887. William Grant after 20 years of dreaming about the best whiskey in the Scottish Deer Valley decided it was time to build his own distillery. Mobilizing their nine children and one a fellow mason its construction. At Christmas 1887, William's dream becomes reality, since the valve polished brass barrel flows first drop Glenfiddichu.
In 1909 Charles Gordon, son of the founder of the distillery, delivered by boat to the Far East that are explored new horizons and discovered the markets for Scotch whiskey fair. In 1923 it is in full swing Prohibition. Grandson of founder William Grant Gordon to surprise all around starts producing at full tilt. Thanks to its risky strength and foresight Glenfiddich is one of the few distilleries in Scotland, which experienced the changes in laws and may thus begin to extinguish a huge demand. In 1963, Sandy Gordon Grant created the now well-established category of single malt. In 1974, it was the efforts of Grants families to ensure their ancestral beverage worldwide renown awarded the Queen's Award to Industry (Royal business price). Today's most awarded single malt Glenfiddich whiskey in the world and is still produced in the original distillery, which run on the old fifth generation descendants of William Grant.

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