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Sick heart needs protection!

Without the heart can not live. Therefore, our primary task to protect and cherish her. Particularly consistent in this respect should be the ones who have problems with cardiovascular apparatus have or have had. Now it is in fact the risk of developing serious complications is very high.

Very malicious attacker heart is high LDL ("bad") cholesterol. By accelerating the process of atherosclerosis, and accelerates the development of cardiovascular diseases. And if you already suffer from some of them, it means high cholesterol approximately the same as he poured oil on the fire. Therefore, it is essential to keep it at bay:
for people at very high cardiovascular risk below 1.8 mmol / L, or at least 50% less than the default value;
in people with high cardiovascular risk below 2.5 mmol / l;
in patients with moderate cardiovascular danger below 3 mmol / L.

Your threat to peace, and thus LDL, which you should work out the proper treatment, your doctor will determine.

As cholesterol knock on the knee

An integral part of the treatment of diseases of heart and blood vessels are always changes in lifestyle and diet. Their effect may, if necessary, suitably supported drugs. Most importantly?
Do away with cigarettes. They are the arteries directly poison. Damaging the lining, accelerated atherosclerosis, causing abnormal heart rhythms and reduce the amount of "good" HDL cholesterol. With cessation may help physicians experienced in the centers of addiction treatment for tobacco.
Observe proper diet.
Heart appreciate diet low in fat (less than 30% of energy intake), especially the saturated (less than 7% of energy). In any case, avoid trans fat acids (found in margarines, biscuits or fried dishes). Replace them with omega-3 fatty acids (eg. In fish). And do not forget to include plenty of fruits and vegetables and whole grains.
Sports. The movement is in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases irreplaceable. Strengthens the heart, lowers LDL and raises HDL cholesterol, removes excess pounds and wards off depression. Experts recommend 30 minutes of medium-intensive activity at least 5 times a week or 20 minutes a demanding workout at least 3 times a week, supplemented for example, work at home or in the garden.
Not to be stressed. The tension and nervousness are the heart and vascular diseases inextricably linked. It ranks among the most common triggers and carry with them some "bad habits" that harms the heart - eg. Overeating, smoking, drinking it down to stress.
Honestly take medication. If necessary, your doctor may prescribe medication. If this happens, take them exactly as recommended. Only in this way can have on your body proper effect.
Go for regular checks. They are for proper treatment is essential. The doctor has thanks to them the necessary overview of whether and how the therapy works, and hence it may also possibly adjust.

The author: Ivana Hufová
Expert guarantor article: MD. George Náhlovský
Source: U lékař

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