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Almost half of parents in Europe knows the laws on safety seats

Almost half of European parents are poorly informed about legislation concerning safety seats. Most of them in 56% of the French. It results from a recent study on the access of parents to child safety during transport, which was prepared by Britax Römer. Moving in fact in most cases is not carried out for reasons of adequate security requirements.

For pan-European study shows that in the latest laws, directives and innovation is not geared to 45% of European parents, most of them in 56% of the French. "The reason may be that in recent years has increased the variety and quantity of bids and appeared in a number of new terminology the terms in which the parents are still nezorientovali, "says Paul Gustavsson, CEO of Britax Römer.

For example, ISOFIX technology, which is one of the most important developmental achievements in safety seats last decade, knows only 44% of parents. Approximately 51% of parents have never heard of again, i-Size directive, which defines the transition between the seats according to the size and age and orders position rearward facing until the age of at least 15 months. In this area are the worst informed in 73% of Swedes, preferably while in 64% of Spaniards.

According to the pan-European study, nearly 23% of parents decided to exchange the car seat higher group on the grounds that they had a another child. While 21% of parents exchanged the car seat to make room in the car, 14% of parents did so for hygiene reasons.

Safety requirements for correct positioning of the car seat in the car reflects only 12% of parents in Europe. 41% of parents turned forward facing car seat has been aged 12 months old or younger. Until the age of 4 waited only 12% of families. The reason was a 40% shortage of legroom, more than 13% of parents do so, so that children can observe what is happening around them, and 12% involved estimate that children are turning already large enough.

"It is evident that the general feeling of space and kids bored with the rear seats clearly trumps security best practices. Low awareness of safety rules shows that Europe needed more work is educating parents about the latest innovations and directives, because only they can simplify the selection and safe installation of car seats, "said Paul Gustavsson resulting statistics.

The results of a survey conducted by Britax Römer

What is the reason for changing a car seat?
We had a another child. 23% of parents
We want to free up space in the car. 21% of parents
Hygienic reasons. 14% of parents

When did you decide to turn the car seat facing forwards?
12 months of age or younger. 41% of the parents (of which 52% in France)
At the age of 4 years. 14% of the parents (of which 66% in Sweden)

What was the reason for turning the car seat forward facing?

Lack of legroom. 40% of the parents (of which 52% in Sweden and 51% in Germany)
So kids could watch what is happening around them. 13% of parents
Estimate. 12% of the parents (of which 17% in Spain, 16% in France)
Safety requirements. 12% of the parents (of which 26% in Sweden, France, 6%, 9%, respectively)

Keep track of the latest regulatory laws concerning the safety of car seats?

Yes we have. 55% of the parents (of which 29% in Spain)
No we do not have. 45% of the parents (of which 56% in France)

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