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The revolutionary discovery in quitting smoking! But not for everyone

Vainly struggling with addiction to tobacco and nicotine patches do not help you, chewing gum or anything else? Then you should try a drug that can block the brain craving for a cigarette. His name is varenicline.

Since 2007, the Czech Republic, a product specially developed for the treatment of tobacco dependence, which contains the active ingredient varenicline. It binds to nicotinic receptors in the brain which are responsible for flooding of dopamine - the substance stimulating reward center in the brain tissue. On the principle of dopamine and subsequent flooding the pleasure just act tobacco products. Varenicline partially stimulates these receptors, but is also blocked. At first sight contradictory effect is, however, a logical explanation:
Partial stimulation of nicotinic receptors has been slightly dopamine release. In this way, varenicline can alleviate withdrawal symptoms.
But cast receptors prevents the binding of nicotine from cigarettes. Because on one hand you do not want it, plus no smoking in a sense of "rewards". Smokers aptly describe this situation so that their cigarette he just says nothing.

It helps only some

When varenicline rarely appear side effects. The only drawback is that the drug does not work for everyone. To achieve the desired effect because it needs a specific nicotine receptor α4 / β2, which is located just in some people. Despite this weakness, however, some preparation is helping thousands of smokers around the world, as indeed is confirmed by many studies.

Easier to live without tobacco

The effect of varenicline among other things, dealt with six studies with a total of 3659 chronic smokers. Five of the studies have shown that this substance is smoking cessation important tool.
In the language of numbers using varenicline achieved annual abstinence in 22% of smokers.
For comparison - the antidepressant bupropion lasted a year without tobacco smokers and 16% of placebo only 8%.
At first glance, 22% does not represent a staggering number. But every year from diseases associated with smoking are dying 4 million people worldwide. Varenicline is thus able to save 22 out of every 100 smokers. And it certainly is not bad.
Further research conducted by Spanish scientists, comes with even better results. With varenicline he is over 12 weeks was able to break the habit of smoking more than half of the respondents, precisely 58.3%.

If you can not get rid of their habit on their own, definitely try this effective drug varenicline. But first you'll need to visit your doctor's office, because this drug is prescription only.

Source: Quitting kouření.cz

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