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The first foal of wild horses in Milovice was born unexpectedly already

Herd of wild horses on pasture at Milovic has his first increment. This morning it was born one of the mares imported from England in the winter Exmoor foal. "It gives us great pleasure, though unexpected. Pregnant mare had already come from England, "says Dalibor Dostal, director of conservation of Czech landscape.

For the foal will be next month, according to experts, very challenging. In nature come foals born in the spring, when the herd plenty of fresh grazing. Due to the capture of animals and their stay in the acclimatization in England before being transported to the Czech Republic, however, disrupted the natural cycle. In the Elbe but winters are not too strong, so the baby could handle this period as well.

Mother foal is by etoložky Martina Komárková mare named Sgurr that before arriving in Milovic lived in the wild in the mountains of Scotland. "The mother is behaving quite naturally, a foal perfectly cared for and yet it keeps him away from the herd. In a few days, both the herd and start adding large dating and upbringing, where his contribution of all members of the herd, "says Miloslav Jirků Biology Centre of the Academy of Sciences.

Scientists will try to get samples stallions of the population from which the mother comes to genetically verify father. Wild horses on Exmoor are very rare and it is for them kept stud book. "So the determination of paternity is important because a suitable location for young horses in new herds," says Miloslav Jirků.

The first foals conceived in Milovice should by Dalibor Dostal come into the world in March next year. The stallion had joined the herd in April this year.

For the future of the herd is also important to make timely managed to extend grazing on another 50 hectares. Negotiations in recent days has complicated the withdrawal of young RP from land rent for the next year. According to Luke Zach Young RP needs of the company to enter into lease contracts longer than one year consent of the owner, ie the Central Bohemian region. "The long term, however, does not allow us to enter into such a contract. For that reason, she could not go out Young RP applicants meet," said Zach of ČTK.

According to the Central Bohemian governor Milos Peter's county interest in the project to continue, and wants him to brake. "Kraj decide on the further functioning of the whole thing until the end of the year and certainly at the beginning of next year it will be a territory legally treated. The project we funded a million crowns so certainly we are interested in how to proceed, "he told ČTK governor.

The project is the return of the wild horses to work together experts from Czech universities and the Czech Academy of Sciences. To care for wild horses can also contribute by sending public messages donor DMS SCENERY at 87 777. The price of donor reports 30 crowns to the care of the horses goes 28.50 crowns.

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