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Rudolf Hrušínský in ordinary and extraordinary paintings

Rudolf Hrušínský in ordinary and extraordinary paintings Divadlo Na Jezerce opened a unique exhibition of the series "Memory of Theatre and Film", which reminds live to see the 95th birthday of the great Czech actor Rudolf Hrušínský. They are seen as a picture of the theater and filming as well as unpublished snapshots from the family archive. The exhibition will certainly please all visitors of theater as a performance bonus until the end of September 2016.

Opening of exhibition of photographs opened director Jiri Menzel, in whose films often played by Rudolf Hrušínský (Capricious Summer, Postřižny etc.). And he revealed that in Jezerce is no coincidence. Next year there Menzel first settles for directing the counter and rehearse new comedy and enrich the repertoire Nusle scene.

"The season we started testing Goldflamová dramatization bestseller Eugene Bocek last aristocrat Anna Polívková in the lead role. The premiere will be on December 7th. In the spring, we will further news on Czech stages, a Canadian play Shylock with Milan Kňažko, "explained principal immediate plans DNJ Jan Hrušínský.

"Several times I saw Annie play, I think my dad after Bolko a certain immediacy, the ability swift response, authenticity, endings, and can perhaps even improvise," says
Anna Polívková Goldflam, who Jezerce staged successful titles Darda and Comedians. It adds that during the dramatization of novels he was attracted mainly well-written characters and the author's ironic humor.

The other roles last aristocrat introduces Jan Hrušínský, Miluse Šplechtová, Petr Pelzer, Martin Sitta, Denise Pfauserová, Jitka Sedláčková, kristýna hrušínská, Libor Pear and Michal Kern.

Premiere at the Theatre Na Jezerce planned December 7, 2015.

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