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The flowers on the tour. The darling of the sun.

The flowers on the tour. The darling of the sun. Flowers vyrvyrazila band on tour with her most recent album, Sweetheart of the sun. The tour will take place throughout the Czech Republic and neighboring Slovak. Martin E. Kyšperský and his teammates will travel from Pilsen to Kosice and the tour is part of the celebration of 15 years of the band.

"We will play a greater part of the disc tracks Darling sun, but definitely older hits. Finally, let love to provoke viewers who scream the songs you want to hear. "
The tour started last week extraordinary band to release an album Sweetheart of the sun. By Wednesday, 10.21 Cabinet of the Muses in Brno and Thursday, 10.22 Beseda in Prague's Lesser Town. Flowers band performed together with the Slovak singer Katarina Kubošiovou Katarzií alias, which is also the godmother of the album.

Martin E. Dora Kyšperský very aware that the band is located on the edge of the breakthrough of the band. "The tour will be our fault! We are prepared for it and thanks to our engineers, we want to get out of each concert visitors took great experience. Most of the concerts will be in the classic line-up in which we are playing for 8 years, only in a few exceptional duo of guitar and drums, but this in turn makes it possible to improvise.
We carry themselves well songbooks, which had already sold out the first edition (there are even talking about the songs and other things) and also music in all formats: CD, LP and the audiotapes. We want to take it up because the January-March we will not give concerts, and vice versa, we will look for a new sound. Possible changes also presented. So far, everything is open. "

The band is currently playing in the report Kyšperský E. Martin (vocals, guitar), Alex Pilgr (drums, percussion, electronics, vocals), Andrew Bohemia (bass guitar, bass, vocals) and Albert Smith - violin, vocals).

Valentine sunset tour

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