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A few reasons why now change energy supplier

A few reasons why now change energy supplier Electricity historically cheaper, sturdy contractors govern their business conditions and customers include many extras. It has never been a situation on the energy market more suited to change than now. The cheaper electricity and gas gain discounted appliances, insurance, building packages and cash prizes. What gain subscribers who choose the more advantageous tariff or supplier?

Statistically speaking, the energy market is slowing. According to data from the Electricity Market Operator (OTE as) changed during this September, electricity suppliers 18,010 customers, while last year's same month were 19 908 and 27 466 the year before transitions. Stagnation and boredom? But no! In fact, active and smart consumers will more than ever before. The scarcer movements in the energy market, more attractive and more complex tenders submitted progressive marketers. Let us summarize why you just should now consider changing.

1. Reason: The price of electricity is at a historic low

It seemed to have closed the transaction can not fall below. This October fell another record on the Prague Energy Exchange (PXE as) where electricity is currently not even a quarter of the value compared with half of 2008. It is up to each consumer, if you will use the situation to choose more favorable tariff. "The price of electricity is not long term still fall, otherwise we would be in the future, we arrived at negative values. To break, or at least to stop the current trend certainly will, "says Vaclav Derfl, president of the Association of Independent energy suppliers (ANDE).

2nd reason: The market gain discounted products for new customers

With low wholesale prices, suppliers can offer attractive products to end customers - households, companies and other institutions. Discounted electricity markets as CEZ (product line Garant Plus) Prazska energetika (Komfort + Garant) or E.ON, which in September offers new Special offer prices for electricity and gas under the product line variant. Responding to the great interest from new and existing customers. "For our new product earlier this year passed 80,000 customers, making us happy and very interested in the offer again," says Vladimír Vácha, spokesman for E.ON.

3rd reason: Serious suppliers improve their customer care

Electricity grids and gas usually work smoothly outages are rare. Still may be times when you need to contact your supplier. Then you will appreciate the stone branch, a free telephone hotline, e-mail feedback or customer portal to your personal account. Progressive contractors run all these communication channels. "Currently playing prim free phone lines. But with the controlling of the generation of information technologies since childhood, we can expect the development of additional free channels based on IT, "said Derfl. For example: today operates a toll-free number, for example, E.ON, 3E or MND.

4th reason: All of their demands related to energy could solve at once

Home heating, lighting and general family budget is a broader issue addressed by favorable tariffs for electricity and gas only partially. Some vendors go further and provide customers with, for example, reduced boiler package thermal insulation or passive house. "Hundred households are free lent so-called smart household. Project participants can now operate your appliances and heating remotely via smartphone or tablet. Testing and technology that we want in the future to offer everyone, "says Vacha.

5. Reasons: Suppliers improve their business conditions

Activation fee contract is a thing of the past. In the case of more expensive energy the customer can quickly and seamlessly switch suppliers. Fairest of energy companies will automatically return all overpayments and during the billing period does not change the backup. The energy market today is more sophisticated than it used shortly after its liberalization.

Sixth reason: Customers can choose from a wide range of accompanying bonuses

Some vendors can provide you discounted products of its trading partners - insurance companies, industrial and other businesses (eg Bohemia Energy entity, ČEZ, E.ON, Europe Easy Energy, Gas International, Prague Gas, RWE Energie X). A common bonus is a free energy advice (for example Energie2, E.ON, Right Power Energy, RWE). "Additional services for energy companies is not the primary objective customers. At comparable offerings, however, can play a decisive role in choosing a supplier, "says Derfl.

7. The reason: In addition to cheaper energy you can get more money

Their supplier of electricity or gas you do not just pay. Interesting amounts of money you get back. Some suppliers are paid bonuses for bringing new customers (such as CEZ, E.ON, Elimon, ENRA Services, Fonergy, SPP CZ). Or discount coupons appreciate timely prepayments (eg Europe Easy Energy, E.ON). For now, it is a unique reward for the saved electricity. "Although the energy we sell, we appreciate their savings. For every kilowatt hour of electricity saved in this gives our customers the crown. In this way, can annually earn up to 1,500 crowns, "calculates Vacha.

Well, who saves, has three ...

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