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Buying handbags for 130 000 CZK ended unpleasantly

ery bitter experience of Mrs. Mary with the purchase of luxury handbags in Paris illustrates how important it is for shopping in a physical store good look store-bought product. Equally important is to have it put in the box in front of their own eyes. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to prove the guilt of the trader.

At the time of starting Christmas shopping would be similar inconvenience to consumers doubly regret. Ms. Mary on the way to Paris, bought the dream designer handbags the equivalent of about 130 000 CZK. "The local brand store it tried, serving salesman finally departed purchase goods pack. Czech meanwhile make the payment by another worker in privacy, as required by the culture of the company and then waited for the clerk who issued a box with handbag against a copy of the proof of payment. Handbag can, therefore, properly did not check, and by your words after returning home box unwrapped and found that the underside of the product was dirty and the two bottom corners worn, "says Thomas Večl, Director of European Consumer Centre, which deals with the rights of consumers when shopping in other countries the European Union.

The consumer thought that the reputation of the company and the high cost of the product could lead to the sale of damaged goods. Immediately teamed up with boutiques and at his request, sent photos defective handbags, however, the conclusion was that damage self-inflicted because of the sale of the goods in perfect condition. "Trust, but verify, this is true in any relationship. Here stands the claim against the claim and Marie's burden of poverty, which hardly proves guilt merchant, "says Luke Green, head of the legal department Dtest.

The advantage of buying goods in a physical store is just that the buyer has the option before the payment of goods their status checked. "If one loses a product out of sight before storing it in the package, there is nothing wrong with him taking over again checked," says Thomas Večl .

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