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Prices winter tires this year, falling slightly

Prices on the Internet may be among sellers winter tires vary by up to 23%. People should, therefore, among the available e-shops well choose to save a few hundred crowns. Compared to last year prices fell tires in the Czech e-shops by 2.3%. For this trend stands 40% below the price of oil and growing competition among manufacturers. This follows from the results of measurement services Karsa Monitor comparing prices of various online stores.

The average price of winter tires in the domestic online stores currently stands at 2,820 CZK. However, in the last year, the average value of winter tires for 2887 CZK, the annual difference is only 67 CZK. "The price level of winter tires in Czech e-shops over the past year has not changed much. Decreased by only two percent. The most expensive was winter gear in February, when the average value rose to 2,915 crowns, "said Michal Jezek, director of Karsa Technologies, operators of online shops offering modern cloud tool for analyzing the prices of products in real time.

Prices winter tires, according to experts, the decline affecting input costs for the production of tires. "An important role in the production of synthetic rubber tires plays. Thus, the primary raw material is crude oil, for which the past year the price dropped by 40 percent, "even nformoval Akcenta analyst Miroslav Novak." Over the last year, we see two trends that support the decline in prices of tires. On the one hand, the reduction in oil prices, on the other hand, further increasing competition between tire manufacturers, "explained Smith.

Czech online tire market is characterized by large amounts of sellers and a significant difference between the prices of goods. Comparing the prices of identical products in domestic e-shops showed that the price of winter tires may vary by up to 23%.

Considerable differences can also be recorded shoppers between different brands of tires. When comparing the popular dimension 195/65 / r15 is possible according to the manufacturer to save a few thousand. For example, by Milestone brand can take one piece of tire on average in 1093 CZK, while in winter gear Nokian customer pays CZK 2,177. On the threshold of 2 000 CZK move also marks Bridgestone, Continental and Michelin. Conversely, at a cost of about CZK 1 300 it is possible to acquire Sava, Barum and Matador.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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