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Obeying the law as a reward for loyalty

Customer cards slowly filled wallets of most consumers. In exchange for providing personal and contact details, customers receive various benefits that are primarily discounts on goods and services.

Electro World in early October launched an advertising campaign promising to holders of its loyalty card and free speedy resolution of claims. However, this is its duty under the law.
One of the benefits of membership in the Loyalty Card Electro World to be an immediate exchange of goods worth from CZK 2 to CZK 1 000, in which the warranty period proves to be defective.

"The law, however, applies to all equally. Customers outside the membership program may seek an immediate complaint in the context of trade in goods under the same conditions as members. The seller is obliged to act in these cases as well. Differences in treatment in the performance of their duties otherwise violates the law, "says the purported benefits Luke Green, head of the legal department Dtest.

If the product ceases to function, it means to take its owner to claim it and do without him until thirty days which the law limits the assessment and removal of defects. The Consumer Protection Act, however, the dealers expected a decision on the claim immediately, in complicated cases within 3 working days, as well as requiring the fastest possible settlement of the claim.

Traders excuse many complaints procedure that the legitimacy of the claim must assess professional service that has always primarily will try to repair. The consumer's right to supply new stuff postponed to the second track, and even so it's not without expert opinion on whether the defect warranty or not.

If a faulty kettle for a few hundred crowns, which is definitely not worth repairing, loyalty card holders Electro World profit on it. They will take on a new store right away, while those who do not have a card, a replacement will have to wait.

I presented an immediate benefit in the form of an exchange is not the hook. Although the TV commercial highlights the immediate provision of a new faultless thing, Electro World Ltd. reserves the detailed sales conditions right hand over product service for the purposes of the defect. It can take several days, so you do not have to avoid waiting. The exchange is then bound to a written confirmation defects service. In addition, they can offer a different thing than what you bought.

"A year and a half, we pointed to a similar problem with the product" Instant exchange "Electro World. It was a paid service consisting of an immediate settlement of the claim in exchange for new goods if at the previous one showed a defect within the warranty period. Today, instead of the paid service is the immediate replacement of one of the benefits of membership in the Loyalty Card. In both cases, the advantage here as presents something that is the duty of the law, "says Luke Green.

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