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Gypsy rhythms, mystical Prague and computer games offer contemporary mime

Pantomime after a decline of spectator interest in the '90s now developing rapidly. Testifies to the activity of several files, which not only represent the audience in Prague every year a number of new productions. Falls into the mainstream in this business group Mime Fatale, which is also interesting in something more - it consists of five distinctive women to the arts swear and argue that pantomime emancipate.

In November, they offer a particularly wide exhibit of his work, which show the width of that genre. 5. 11. right play at the Teatro nod performance Balkans, which created in collaboration with Hungarian artists and well-known band Circus Problem, 9. 11. And then in Studio Rubin twice odpremiérují town with her heart pounding, performance inspired Gustav Meyrink and old Prague and 16. 11. Finally, at NoD derniérují Push the Button, successful grotesque world of computer games, which as a tireless fighter in accompaniment beat-boxers attacking movement viewers rough humor.

"Interest in pantomime in recent years to grow. Our performance in NoD and elsewhere are sold out and we are really pleased that we our activities intensify, and especially to show that pantomime is not just white gloves, but it has many other forms that humans never think, and that can provide hours of fun, "he says the business Mime Fatale productive Alexei calf.

The performance Mime Fatale enjoyed success proves audience interest and critics alike, this November, however, is exceptional in that it features an overview of work to date girls. Dance and music experience from the Balkans and black humor Push the Button has been hailed in the press as "a new pantomime" with "perfect interplay." A city with a beating heart then it is an interesting challenge, because it explores serious subject and shows that pantomime can focus on the important questions of life, state of mind and overcoming fears.

A unique opportunity to look at the entire creation Mime Fatale will therefore viewers between 5 and 16 November. To sample the contemporary art of mime, do not hesitate to come.

Mime Fatale

5. 11. 2015 20:00 Teatro nod, Long 33, Balkans
9. 11. 2015 19:00 and 21:00 A Studio Rubin, Lesser Town Square. 9, City of beating heart
16. 11. 2015 20:00 Teatro nod, Long 33, Push the Button

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