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On the Island Štvanice grow violin

On the Island Štvanice grow violin In the villa Chase is going next prime minister. File tiger in distress preparing adventurous musical production of poetry for children called The Island Where Violins Grow. The premiere will be held Nov. 6 in a villa Chase.

The repertoire VILLAS Chase still missing title dedicated to the smallest viewers, but it changed from November. Performances Island, where they grow violin will be for children aged six years and only for them. The performance with music and songs of Mark Doubrava and playful scenography delight viewers of all ages.

"The production is based on an anthology of world poetry for kids Island, where they grow violins and other poems of Czech poetic waters. The scenario was created collectively. Each contributed a favorite poems, childhood experiences, the memory of their own children's games and escapes from reality and created a story about an adventurous journey of two brothers who were in fact found themselves just a moment alone at home. "Describes the emergence of this production dramaturge Marie Novakova. Director Ivo Christian Kubák adds, "Every child can find a great adventure in seemingly ordinary world and every adult eager to peek into the child's head and find out what it actually takes place."

The creators of the production work with live music, singing, voice band, sounds, noises and object theater. Ordinary objects in an abandoned apartment become actors adventures. A bottle of champagne can be a whale, duster parrot and duvet blizzard. Poems Grandpa George, Christian Morgenstern, James Krüss, Alois Mikulka and others open to viewers new and imaginative worlds.

What happens when mom goes to the movies and the kids stay home alone with a cat who loves music, learn to premiere on November 6 in a villa Chase and others reprise will take place on November 14 in the framework of the festival VILOmeniny ibid.

The Island Where Violins Grow

Adventurous musical productions of poetry for children
Starring: K. Císařová, B. Purmová, Bohadlo M., M. Nechvátal / K. Polansky
Premiere: November 6 from 20 hours VILE Štvanice

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