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Wolf pack in Sumava is possible to observe the unique footbridge in Srní

Two adult wolves and four pups. That is the current status of the wolf pack, which can be seen in almost tříhektarovém paddock visitor center near Srní. This October 30 inaugurated the Environment Minister Richard Brabec, Deputy President Ivo Grüner Pilsen Region, Director of the Sumava NP Paul Skinny and many celebrities.

"The wolf is an animal which we, people from time immemorial hurt. When we look at the stories, tales, short stories, and the wolf is portrayed as dull animal that threatens us, and therefore we have to worry about. And we were protected, we must exterminate the wolf. Unfortunately, we did, but the positive is that the wolf back to us, and not just here to Šumava. I believe that this visitor's center will serve not only for entertainment but also as a place of knowledge as well as allowing the public to make the wolf a positive outlook, "sees the main benefit of the Visitors' Centre Srni director of the National Park Sumava Pavel Thin.

Visitors have the unique opportunity to observe the behavior and lives of wolves within their territory, in a completely natural, almost three hectares large enclosure above which leads almost 300 meters long wooden footbridge.

"I liked to say that if I were a wolf, I would definitely chose precisely this place to your life. Is there anything loose and dense forest glade and the amount of rocky shelters, "explains
Head Visitor Centre complex Srní George Kec.

"In addition, people know everything about the life of wolves, including a detailed explanation of mimic speech. It will definitely be very instructive for all dog breeders, because if you understand facial expressions and behavior of the wolf, to better understand and his dog, "he adds.

Exhibition devoted wolf is part of the interior the visitor center. Building Visitor Centre is energy passive house technologies beneficial to the environment, but which lacks the hallmark of classic house Šumava architecture.

"The entire complex covers an area of about 35 hectares and its main component is a walking circuit with leisure areas and a navigation system. We thought on the disabled, who have access to a range of wolves from a separate parking lot and after a more accessible part Infantry circuit. However, it is desirable to have assistance. Those who can not do even this, they can see wolves on a large screen on which is transmitted live images directly from the paddock building the visitor center. "Says
Juha Milos, deputy director of the NP.

"I believe that everyone in our visitor centers comes into its own, and even here in Srní. But it should be noted that the wolves see here is not exactly an entitlement thing. Although people are used to, because both the wolf and the wolf come from zoos, but the environment in which they operate, is authentic, the same as if they had around the fence. It is always advisable to behave quietly and devote your time to visit more than a few minutes, "says Juha Milos.

The construction of the visitor center took two years and cost has soared to nearly 72 million, including VAT. Ninety percent of them yet paid from European Union funds and the program environment.

Source: tz Sumava NP

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