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The Czechs have their first sex an average age of 17

Czechs begin to have sex around the 17th year of life, while the girls a little earlier than boys. Approximately 10% of young people then begin sex earlier than 15 years. One of the main reasons, according to experts, the availability of pornography on the Internet. Teenagers often mimic sex from porn films, especially girls practicing various sexual activities they do not like, they are painful or uncomfortable.

First kiss accompanying crush experienced by young people in the Czech Republic, approximately around the 15th year of life. According to sexologists in this age of mostly young people remain at the so-called petting, which is mainly about cuddling focused on the upper body. The virginity then mostly come a few years later. "The average age at first sexual intercourse in the Czech Republic between 17 and 18 years, while girls begin sex slightly earlier than boys. Approximately ten per cent of young people start having sex before 15 years of life, "said psychologist Alexandra Hrouzková that in comparison with other European countries include the average age of first sexual intercourse in the Czech Republic to the higher ones.

"I can not say exactly at what age a young person generally begin to have sex. However, the right time occurs when a person is first sex mature, not only physically but also psychically. Ideally, it decides for the first sex with your partner, that a man with whom he has a long time relationship and trust, "explained Alexandra Hrouzková. According to this addition, the average age of first intercourse long term decreases only slightly.

One of the major causes of reducing the average age of first sex, according to experts, can be considered the availability of pornography through the Internet and the subsequent desire of young people to try sex. "Young people no one says how sex between partners actually looks, therefore mimic sex from porn films. Especially girls doing sex things they do not like and experiencing frustration, "explained Hrouzková, adding that, for example, anal sex is now common activity." For example, good sex is to the liking of many young people take several hours for partners in it have achieved some orgasms and ejaculations terminate a woman's face, "adds psychologist.
According to experts, it is pornography dangerous in the event that it young people can not correctly handled.

"The dangers of pornography is that it creates an unrealistic picture of reality, because it presents a model that is not the reality of working. That's what you have to realize that every young person, "said Adam Durčák from the sex shop Pink Elephant." The problem can also be seen in relation to which a person entering into a real relationship hard to avoid. Pitfall might be that, unless a sexual level with partner work out, so instead of a man working on a remedy, rather reaches for the tried and tested path bezpracného satisfaction outside the relationship, "says Durčák that porn should not be used as a guide to sex, but rather as a supplement in the form of inspiration, as well as various sex toys.

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