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Cellarman: St. Martin's wine is a Czech tradition

Today we get the Czechs a unique opportunity to try this wine. Saint Martin's wine tasting accompanied by joyous celebrations that are unparalleled in the world. These wines may be produced only from certain varieties of vines are lush with less alcohol content. The specifics of St. Martin wines generally well this year, and other attractions in the notes started talking oenologist Ondrej Lukes.

St. Martin's wine tradition dates back to the time of Emperor Joseph II. Marking St. Martin nowadays is quite advantageous for wine. These include a marketing gimmick, but which helps customers. The consumer is the logo easier to know what product it buys. Not every young wine is liable to be sold under the logo of St. Martin. In order to obtain this label wine must meet a number of requirements. May be produced only from certain vine varieties that have been grown in the Czech Republic in the given year.

For white wine varieties are Müller Thurgau, Grüner red early and Moravian Muscat, for red and rosé wines, then varieties Blue Portugal and St. Laurent. Other varieties had longer to ripen and the wine of them should be consumed later. Logo, new wine must pass the scrutiny of an independent commission to determine whether wine meet all the parameters corresponding to the desired characteristics of St. Martin wines. It focuses mainly on the quality associated with the mastering process of production, but also in sensory properties.

This comes on the market the most historically Saint Martin's wine

Mild winter, spring rains and warm dry summer in connection with the August rains vines benefited significantly this year. The grapes that ripen to excellent quality and especially blue varieties obtained thanks to the sunny and warm September nice full timbre and have had an overall softening tannins and acids decrease. And this fact is reflected in the production of wine St. Martin's, which is to go on the market this year, a tremendous amount. According to estimates by the Wine Fund, which ten years ago, St. Martin's brand in the market, will sell this year to 2.3 million wines, which is the highest for the entire ten-year history of the brand. More than three percent also increased the number of winemakers who Svatomartinské can offer.

The largest representation this year will have a white wine, specifically the variety Müller Thurgau, which is in the Czech Republic enjoys great popularity in the long term. St. Martin's most numerous wine from red varieties are Blue Portugal, then rose from the St. Laurent. White and rose wines should be full, harmonious, pleasant to the taste with a subtle acidity. Red wines are expected particularly hilarious, with velvety, smooth and fruity taste. Often you can also meet with the fact that Saint Martin's wine is perfectly clean and the bottom is slightly turbid. Kal mostly in the bottle do not recognize, reveal it only when our winemaker wine poured into a glass, the taste is not quite minimal effect.

Svatomartinskému to include goose, love the French Beaujolais

St. Martin wines labeled in accordance with the law not be sold before November 11. They are available but also wines that has not received or made itself known under the designation of St. Martin. These wines may then be available even before the feast of St. Martin and called it simply a young wine. Saint Martin's wine is traditionally on sale for about three months and tastings in many cities are associated with a variety of festivals, celebrations and markets. The wine also inherently so.'s Goose. Continuity and geese feast of St. Martin allegedly comes from two legends.

According to one goose St. Martin's sermon at his honking disturbed so much that ended up on a roasting pan. The second legend says that when Saint Martin should be appointed bishop of modesty before a homage hid in Husinec, but the geese honking told him so, and ended at St. Martin's board. Rational explanation could be that the Feast of Sts. Martin used to be an important milestone in the past year. Fair damsel and grooms leaving the service and added the income statement. Landlords to take this opportunity not only drank his aides young wine, but also killed poultry not suitable for breeding.

Although the Czech Republic in a particular tradition of St. Martin's wine unique, a similar phenomenon bones of young wines can be found abroad. The most famous is the French Beaujolais. These are young wines that are not produced in only a variant of the red varieties Gamay, which is grown in the Beaujolais region of Burgundy. Traditionally Beaujolais sold from the third Thursday in November, and the tasting is, like St. Martin's wines, accompanied by a variety of festivals and cultural events.

The author comments: cellarman Ondrej Lukes
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