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Warmth is useless if you can not deal with energy

Replace old, leaky windows and doors with modern, insulate the facade and optimize heating. Similar themes addressed in the present, many homeowners throughout the Czech Republic with the prospect of considerable future savings. Many of them but they forget that even the best technology will not help them at a time when energy can not handle efficiently. Oftentimes they even waste.

People's awareness of this problem while still relatively limited. Although many people have invested a lot of money into improving the energy properties of your house or apartment, on the other hand, the energy saved waste. Just remember to unnecessarily lit the lamp, overnight released by the monitor from the computer or playing the radio that nobody listens. Similar behavior is common while mainly in companies. The vast majority of people power in businesses rely on is not valid. Therefore they have no problem with waste. They do not realize, however, that the money ProTop or maketh, will miss somewhere else.

Differences? Up to ten percent

The problem does not only companies, but also family homes and apartments. The differences in the consumption of two completely identical houses may be due to it being in the tens of percent a year. "The fact that the family lived in the building in energy class A, that is the most economical, prevent high bills for energy, if the temperature is set at 26 ° C each member of the household every night soaked in a bathtub full of hot water, "said Director of the control and management of the State Energy Inspectorate Michal Vokáč. According to him, while people can literally thrown out the window every year to tens of thousands of crowns. "People are indeed willing to skimp on needed food, energy, but I do not mind. There, while savings make sense, "said Vokáč.

So how about it? A combination of both

Experts agree that saving is not so complicated, people have to act consciously. The most effective is therefore responsible behavior combined with modern technology. "When buying electrical appliances is a good idea to keep an eye on their energy class and buy those that require less energy to operate. While those in class A will be merciful to your money, class G will do in your wallet draft. Also, energy-saving bulbs can slow the drain on your savings account, "calculated the possible options Vokáč.

A large part of the savings represents improve the energy performance of the house, especially the improvement of heating, its insulation and other energy-saving features. "Very assist in this modern doors and windows through which heat will not escape unnecessarily. An important category is also good shielding that allows reduce heat loss and reduce heating costs by up to 10%, "said Lubomír Valenta (Lomax).

"Exterior shading technology significantly affects the energy balance of the building. While in winter it enables reduce heat loss and thus reduce heating costs in the summer is possible to reduce cooling costs, "said Valenta that effective action has shading technology in response to electrical drives." By combining the drives with timers a different type of heat sensors or wind sensor can be achieved by intelligent building management, allowing them to "look after itself" is an ideal setting for external blinds or shutters depending on the season, "said Valenta.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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