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Nor speak champion Margarita

22 to 23 November indicate a group of Mime Club Inspiration Theatre premiere of The Master and Margarita, locomotor performance based on the famous novel by Mikhail Bulgakov. Compared to classic drama processing will be the exception, however, because the Faustian theme of state speechless and used primarily body and its expressive possibilities.

"We proceed from our experience of working with the body," says the group Vojtěch Svoboda, a professional mime and director of the production. "This allows us to work more intensively with emotions, express some fundamental ideas differently, perhaps even more impressive than using words. While not going directly after the text, but the actors detail in our conception of copyright subject matter, "he adds." What makes this story intriguing - what attracts more and more artists to be processed - is the perfect love story, love literally'až for hrob'. "

Freedom, as well as other creators performances, pantomime is a graduate of the Department of Performing Arts in Prague. Our innovative field as he likes to promote the creation of short etudes and feature-length topics, such as the work on the libretto pantomimic Vaclav Havel Perpetuum mobile.
The Master and Margarita is his directorial debut and cooperation chose seasoned performers mime: For example, Radek Pokorny and Luke Simon play in a production of the National Theatre in Prague House of the Dead, Simon showed up in the Epic of Gilgamesh Janáček Theatre in Brno. Mime Club then has a successful Emilia, dealing with the crisis in a young person today or political theater Heydrich.

Production Mime Club Alexei bullock this dramaturgy comments: "We are trying to show that the pantomime is not just white gloves, but it has many unusual forms and is able to recite also important current issues." As these questions administered Master and Margarita? Come and see the premiere of the 22nd and November 23.

The Master and Margarita

Premieres 22 and 23. 11. 2015 19:00 always
Inspiration Theatre, Lesser Town Square. 12

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