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A world without terrorism? Only if we manage to eradicate child poverty

"A world without terrorism? Only if it comes to child poverty, "said Ahmed Ibrahim, now director of the school and the father of two children, grew up in Kibera, the largest slum of Nairobi, capital of Kenya. To spread over 2.5 square kilometers is something here huddle around a million people. Lacking the proper roads, sidewalks, lighting, electrical and water lines, sewers and quality schools. But what's missing is real poverty and lack of opportunities ...

As in the Czech Republic, in early September, picking up children in Kenya back to school. Education is at this point one of the few ways to escape the fate of a child from the slums - stigmatized, poorly nourished, often with many health problems and sometimes almost illiterate, with an unclear future. Ahmed is convinced that if the world wants to fight terrorism, then they must work to eradicate poverty and should start from education.

So how poverty and education related to terrorism?

Ahmed shared with us their experiences with young people in Kibera. They claim that these people do not want to just survive, but also want to participate in shaping society to which they belong. And although many of them have tremendous potential, not where it actually applied. Unfortunately, this lack of opportunity has steered many otherwise clever, young men into the arms of gangs, and some even labeled as a "terrorist organization". Gangs of them had offered what the company could not - a feeling of belonging and the ability to feed their families. "Provided that young people have the opportunity to complete his studies, and then apply their knowledge in a society are slums continue to produce people uchylující to the crime and sometimes terrorism as the only possible solution to their situation - because when you have nothing, you have nothing to lose, "says Ahmed.

Education as a way out of the vicious circle

As she seventeen Pakistani and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, Malala Yousafzai, President Obama: "While guns kill only terrorists, terrorism kills educational." And as our friend Ahmed says: "There is a clear link between poverty and education. Although the increased percentage of children in Kenya complete primary education, there is still a lot of those who come from very poor families and the luxury of basic education simply can not afford. "

Because he himself decided to support children from the poorest families by being in their school often receives free. Several children in his school supported through the "Adoption of African children - distance help project". Through this program, dozens of children from Kibera only completed elementary and middle school, but also joined the high school, and today we can see a very pleasing results of their subsequent application.

Dialog Center has created a program "Adoption of African children - distance help project" in 2002 and with the help of Czech "adoptive parents" went through the project and got their chance at education, nearly 4,000 children from Kenya and Guinea. All who are in this project during his almost fourteen history involved, from the heart thank you and look forward to working with new adoptive parents. For those who would like to get involved then we suggest you read more here.

Source: Centre

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