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Last aristocrat entertain audiences at the Theatre Na Jezerce

Last aristocrat entertain audiences at the Theatre Na Jezerce Czech premiere of the comedy Last aristocrat Anna Polívková starring preparing Theatre Na Jezerce. Directed game that is full of ironic humor, took Goldflam. Last aristocrat by bestselling Eugene Bocek on the return from exile of the castle in Bohemia, a Czech premiere on December 7th.

"The game last aristocrat, like the book very funny. It's about what one is able to do to save your castle, including its history, "says Anna Polívková, who plays the main character Mary Dice of Dice who returned from America to the castle." She observes what is happening around them and describes is a joke insight and perhaps a certain distance, "he describes his heroine Anna Polívková that to" Jezerce "will play for the first time." All the other characters are beautifully rendered pieces of Bohemian life, among which must somehow put our Americans. Quite looking forward that I have a slight accent in English, "says Polívková.

The latest is the story of a family aristocrat Count Franz Anton cubes of cubes. After the fall of the Communist regime, the family returned from exile from New York to the Czech Republic to take over the family residence. Besides the chateau, however, will "inherit" and reactionary warden, hypochondriac gardener or even a cook who likes clicks, and often it blows over. And so there is a series of incredibly comical situations.

"Several times I saw Annie play, I think my dad after Bolko a certain immediacy, the ability swift response, authenticity, endings, and can perhaps even improvise," says
Anna Polívková Goldflam, who Jezerce staged successful titles Darda and Comedians. It adds that during the dramatization of novels he was attracted mainly well-written characters and the author's ironic humor.

The other roles last aristocrat introduces Jan Hrušínský, Miluse Šplechtová, Petr Pelzer, Martin Sitta, Denise Pfauserová, Jitka Sedláčková, kristýna hrušínská, Libor Pear and Michal Kern.
Premiere at the Theatre Na Jezerce is the 7th December 2015.

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