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Autumn workouts: Protect your head and feet!

Although already he got a cold autumn, certainly not the end of outdoor sports activities such as cycling or running. However, many athletes forget about the pitfalls in the form of wet leaves or wet soil. How to handle this period, frequent accidents, it tells the following lines.

When falls a threat of serious injury differently. Most often those surface - scratches, abrasions or bruises. If we fall awkwardly on a sharp object (eg a stone), may arise gash whose treatment belongs in the hands of a doctor. In addition, of course, can occur much more serious injury - for example the head or some organs. Especially dangerous is the spleen injury, which can occur even after a slight collision. The blood is then accumulate under the hard case of the body, which can cause it to crack. However, at a later time (2-3 weeks after injury), so that the patient is then in danger of severe internal bleeding. Therefore, when the slightest doubt, do not hesitate to visit a doctor who will carry out appropriate investigations and serious injuries to exclude.

Helps humidity

In most cases, however, these injuries on that Stacie themselves. Instead it should be very thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. To prevent possible future development of the infection, which could slow down the healing process. If the wound is deeper, it can use hydrocolloid gel that is applied to the wound cleaned and bandaged everything. We create an enabling environment for the so-called. Moist wound. In breach of the skin barrier opens the way for the entry of bacteria and thus increases the risk of infection. At the same time the skin functions as a control heat loss from the body. If, therefore, remains an open wound, it will tend to drying and may deepen. Healing is not only prolonged, but it is possible that the resulting cosmetic effect will be worse than if it is used moist wound.

In accordance with the environment

If in the autumn play sports outdoors, we try to make our activity was as safe as possible. Because prevention is always better than solving existing problems, we offer some advice on how to prevent injuries.
Wear protective equipment (helmet, pads). In the event of a fall can occur apart from trivial abrasions also a serious head injury. The helmet can in some cases save not only health, but also life.
Adjust speed to conditions. If you are running on wet grass or wet soil or fallen leaves, be aware of the possibility of falling and reduce your speed.
Wear good shoes with non-slip soles.

If you already have injury occurs, in addition to treatment, it is necessary to skim through vaccination certificate and find out when was the last vaccination against tetanus. The new dose should receive every 10 years.

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