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How to sleepy fall? Entertainment, it is chilly

Everywhere on us constantly shouting about autumn depression, or flue, cold weather. While autumn is beautifully colored and offers a wealth of pleasant activities, which we can pursue in these months. With our tips could fall could státvašim favorite seasons.

Shakin 'and tune in to the good mood

Fall is the perfect time to the sport. If you were running throughout the summer or ride a bike and you're sorry after wave of cool to sit at home, head out to the sports hall. On his coming to the beginners who have never neholdovali sport. With friends you play as tennis, volleyball or squash, in which men will burn about 600 calories, about 430 calories women. If you are not into team sports will take you to the actual exercise hits. These include Bosu exercises on soft hemispheres, or pole dancing Pole dance, which effectively strengthens the entire body.

To the cinema experience beyond

Do you remember when you were last in the cinema? Autumn is the perfect time to finally rectify and hit the autumn blockbusters, like on the new Star Wars or Czech Celebrity Ltd. For some of you may be new in the form of a film in 5D cinema, which will surprise you with different dimensions, such as wind, fog, bubbles or smell. "Films about last about five to six minutes, so people do not have to worry that they were sick or on moveable seats that would spend an hour and a half in a tropical rainstorm. Interesting too is that in the theater are only four seats, where viewers can enjoy an unusual experience in private only with family or friends, "he explained Iyasu Alkhalili, a leading network of Czech cinema 5D Cinema Maxim. This fall, as the 5D cinema must go on an adventure into the jungle, you will flee from scary monsters, or with your kids enjoy what it's like to be part of a fairy tale.

Hooray to the pool and wellness

Fatigue from work, stiff muscles and stress easily odbouráte while relaxing in the comfortable warm water. Offers wellness centers include, pleasant Turkish bath with steam and massage, bio-sauna and Finnish sauna with a pleasant and most wholesome alternation of heat and cold. Active members of the family will appreciate the swimming pools and water slides. If your autumn free time you spend with your family, a complex of swimming pools and wellness ideal choice. "As a novelty this season sauna offer every Sunday noon sauna setback for children. "Mentioned in recent news Aqualand Moravia Dalibor Komarek.

Learn something new

It's never too late for new knowledge and skills. Whether you want to learn coveted foreign language, attend drawing lessons and will attract archery. Start right now and do it on New Year. Popular adult classes are yoga or drawing and painting, but also less known graphology and Tiffany stained glass windows. Do not lag behind even with language skills. In addition to language courses, you will surely have fun watching movies and serials in the original version, for example, or read comic books. Foreign language you can enhance not only new knowledge but also by training and improving memory skills of the brain. Whether you choose to fall for anything, our tips are guaranteed to entertain you and find even a moment of boredom.

Source: tz Lešenská, editorially modified

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