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Varano large migration

The Prague zoo this fall was the great migration komodo dragons. Movements of young dragons are within the zoo fairly common, but this time there were significant changes. The most successful Varano mother Aranka, also known from the campaign Meet, after 11 years in the exhibition moved to the background and instead Prague Zoo visitors have the opportunity to see a group of seven young males.

When the Komodo dragons hatched prepared for them richly overgrown and vyvětvené tropical terrarium in the hinterland Pavilion turtles. They have a calmness, warmth, humidity and maximum individual care, which is in the first months of life for them is necessary. After about a year of life, they are moved to a bigger and introduced to visitors.

"At the age of 2.5 to 3 years Komodo Dragon finally leaves the safety of tree crowns and dares to compete with other adult varanům. It is the moment when it's time for another move. Our group of seven males Varano we decided to move to the exhibition pavilion of the Indonesian jungle. Here we will try to create a parthenogenetic offspring (pups are born without the participation of males), male group, "says
bred varanům curator of reptiles and amphibians Zoo Praha Petr Velenský.

In the context of European history breeding Komodo Dragons is a revolutionary step, with which they can be connected and pitfalls. It is possible that if the male group will not work, will have to be males separated. "Maybe after a couple of years back again to issue one breeding pair of Komodo, but if Varano brothers in adulthood endured so they can stay together, it would be an example for Other zoo. It could lead to a significant strengthening of numerical population in European zoos and thus increase her security, "says curator Peter Velenský.

During the past year saw the visitors in the pavilion of the Indonesian jungle Varano female Aranka, grandmother and record holder, mother of 48 pups. Aranka lived in the exhibit turbulent, savage and after varaním way filled and successful part of life. Given its age, but it ceased to be staying in a joint pavilion appropriate. Therefore, her keepers moved to the hinterland, where she waits for a first-class care and well-deserved rest.

Prague Zoo Visitors now have a unique opportunity to follow in the pavilion of the Indonesian jungle a group of seven brothers komodo dragons. Meanwhile, the young males in the enclosure completely satisfied. They enjoy the area, division and mutual social stimuli.

Source: tz Prague Zoo
Photo: Petr Hamerník, Prague Zoo

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