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The wine can be kept at home, but you must stick to these five principles

The average Czech drinks annually over 20 liters of wine. Eating vintage wines fades into the background, the modern trend is to drink the so-called young wine. This does not mean that we drink immediately after their production, but many of us at home hiding a bottle for later consumption.

Without losing its good qualities can be white wines under ideal conditions to store about half a year, the red a year. So if you at home saves you a bottle for a special occasion, you should follow these 5 tips for proper wine storage.

Tip no. 1: Ensure constant temperature and humidity

No wonder every good winegrower has its own cellar. Now it is we find the ideal conditions for wine storage. Those produces cold, dark and damp. "The ideal temperature for storing white and rosé wines is between 9 and 11 degrees. If you do not have a cellar, we recommend the wine store in the refrigerator, which can set the optimum temperature. Storing wine in the pantry run the risk of fluctuations in temperature, which greatly harm the wine. There is then the precipitation of tartar or wine can begin forming undesirable microorganisms, "explains oenologist Ondrej Lukes. When storing wines from the optimal temperature range can easily deflect. But the important thing is that the wine received a steady and constant temperature.

In addition the temperature is important also moisture which is ideal for storing wine between 65-80%. Lower humidity causes evaporation of the wine, again higher mold development. Again, the moisture content may vary and must be stable.

Tip no. 2: The air is the enemy of wine

Some wines are suitable for immediate consumption and recommended to keep it even for a few weeks. They especially wines are poured in a not very well-sealed bottle. Before buying always check if the cork is properly set and is therefore sufficiently prevented air. Now the air is another enemy of wine and prepares it for freshness. "The air force is constantly working wine and earlier age. If it is poorly sealed bottle of wine in it quickly loses its good qualities. Wine from a bottle that unfinished, but you can enjoy them later, pour into a bottle of adequate size so that it left after the spill excess air, "says Ondrej Lukes. Wine aging due not only to air but also by storage at a temperature higher than 15 degrees.

Tip no. 3: The wine sucks odors

When storing the wine in the cellar, in the refrigerator or at any other place, you must also think about all the things together with wine in stock. Wine, or cork, tends to suck ambient odors which thus penetrate directly into the aroma of the wine. In any case, because the wine store hazardous chemicals, such as the kitchen counter along with disinfectants. Once again inspired some winemakers who use the basement for storage and other things than wine. White wines can be stored, for example, along with fruits or other foods that do not emit a strong odor or inappropriate.

Tip no. 4: Bottles should be stored horizontally

Have you noticed that in the wine cellar never see bottles stored "standing"? Even this has its reason. "Winemakers very carefully so that the wine did not get air. Although it may seem that it is undamaged cork, wine can spoil. It is precisely because you have the bottle stored upright. Cork and ceased to be in contact with the wine and dry. The spoilage of wine is then taken care of the air that got into it through a dry cork, "explains Ondrej Lukes. Bottles should therefore be stored only horizontally. Cork must be constantly moist and thus fulfill its barrier function from air, for which the wine oxidizes.

Tip no. 5: The bottles do not move too

With the right storage is also related to restrictions on the movement of wine. Handle it really only when necessary. Wine store or to places where there is a minor shocks, such as the proximity of any electric appliance. In the event of frequent relocations or small shocks wine loses its characteristic bouquet.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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