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The exhibition Mole fairytale world and introduce Mrs. Krtečkovou

The exhibition Mole fairytale world and introduce Mrs. Krtečkovou The charming illustrations from children's books to Mole, with Mrs. Mole and many other animals, presents from December 11 2015 to January 31, 2016 at the Gallery in Prague 5 Portheimka artist and illustrator Catherine Miler, daughter of the famous artist Zdenek Miler.

The exhibition 'Kateřina Miler: Mole and fairytale world "shows her new works and yet nevystavované images from books and Paraplíčko Mole: the father and daughter together Miler created and already during the author's exile in the 80s and began its cooperation. And we will see Illustration from malířčiny latest book "The Mole visiting" where it first appears Krtkova new friend - Mrs. Krtečková with a pink bow.
The exhibition will be open each Tuesday to Sunday from 13-18 hours.

The exhibition designed especially for children and their parents or grandparents will show both known and unknown pictures of Mole, but also examples of authors of comic books with Blue Bear (teddy bear Baribal predecessor), which for over ten years, enjoying both small and large well-known television magazine readers. On display will be also pictures of roads and malířčiny paintings. "It inspires me, especially nature, its beauty, variety, color," says Catherine Miler, who has more than twenty years living and draws in Posázaví. A piece of life but she spent in Italy, Spain and especially in Switzerland, where in addition to illustrations focused primarily on graphic design.

"I like that Catherine Miler to Mole courageously joined by Mrs. Krtečkovou, new and sympathetic female element that his life brought motive happy family - and it is important to remind the time, not just during the Christmas season and in the first month of the new year, "says exhibition curator Paul Petráková Slancová. According to her artistic expression Catherine Miler "clean and clear". In the case of Mole author creatively follows the original story while also applying their own approach and style.

"The images of Catherine Miler reflects her love of nature and the graphic arts, while her father did not deny them their filmmaking experience. Poetic spirit, using classical painting techniques, craftsmanship and bravado immense care with which their works to think over and form, but the two have in common, "says exhibition curator, who by Zdenek Miler had made ​​a documentary film.

During the holidays, from 21.12. 2015 to 1.1 2016 exhibition will open on Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons (Monday, Thursday and Friday will be the gallery is closed). Admission for adults is CZK 30, pupils, students and seniors pay 15 CZK and preschool ages can come and look at the fabulous pictures of Catherine Miler free.

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