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Climbs you correct diet to money? Insurance helps!

You try to do the maximum for your health, but it's worth something. And not just a little. Find out what contributions to a healthy lifestyle offering the four largest Czech insurance company. We need financial help at hand and did not have no idea!

CG programs, health insurance contributions represent a variety of preventive examinations. Each insurance company but also wants its clients to live healthily. Besides the noble motives for doing so motivated by financial motives - insured healthier future means less costs for medical care. These institutes are to compete in it, which of them will provide its clients with better benefits and higher contributions to a healthy lifestyle. What do yours?

1. General Health Insurance Company

The largest Czech insurance company provides a number of advantages to those of its members who register free of charge to the club good health ( They can then draw as:
500 CZK regular physical activity or care specialist in the treatment of obesity,
500 CZK (in a special program of up to 2 500 CZK) on smoking cessation,
500 CZK for spa stays and vitamin supplements for blood donors
financial contribution to the children's hospital-convalesce Seahorse.

VZP, hurry up! Applications for payment of the contribution will be in most cases brought to 30 the 11th of this calendar year.

2. Health Insurance Company of the Ministry of the Interior

In the largest employee health insurance contributions, you can use:
100 CZK for physical activity of seniors,
500 CZK for sports or stays for children,
up to CZK 3,000 per trip recovery for blood donors
1000 CZK sports, stay and food in case you refer another person to also become a policyholder ZP MV ČR.

3. The Czech Industrial Health Insurance Company

Its clients, which is 1.2 million, provides:
Program Plus Bonus: 250 CZK for sport activities (yoga, fitness, exercise for children) and 250 CZK for medical treatments and treatments in the spa facilities, altogether 500 CZK / year
competitive rates curative and therapeutic stays for children.

4th Military Health Insurance Company
In his wide and clearly structured program VoZP provides:
for parents and children: up to CZK 1,000 for swimming babies and toddlers up to CZK 500 on an exercise with children under 6 years of age;
for children: up to 200 CZK for preventive examination of children-athletes on vitamin supplements to 1,000 CZK (single) on school trips, up CZK 250 therapeutic exercise (this does not include combat, contact or onerous sports), to 400 CZK to curative and preventive stays in areas with salt inhalations;
adults: up to 250 CZK for swimming on therapeutic exercise and physical regeneration;
for pregnant women: 100 CZK for vitamin supplements to CZK 1,000 fitness exercises or other professionally guided physical activity;
For families: up to 300 CZK for the purchase of protective sports equipment, and 350 CZK for physical activity. Child and both parents must be insured by VOZP;
for students: up to CZK 300 for a sporting activity to CZK 1 200 (one-time) for a school stays.

The exact terms of fundraising and changes that may occur, for example, with the advent of 2016, can always be found on the website of the insurance company. In addition to the aforementioned bonuses, most insurance companies also provide various discounts on a wide range of services and products associated with a healthy lifestyle - the purchase of sports equipment, sports training, nutrition and so on.

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